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  1. that is actually a speculation from UK newspapers, I doubt it is true. Juve never put Sandro on the market and refused the offer at 60m. The position has always been that he was not on the market and any talks would be linked to the player asking for a transfer which he has not so far (it seems). They now have also offered him revised terms because after the surprising transfers of Bonucci and Alves it would really be a mess if we sold Sandro too. Having said that if the price is 40m £ I also hope you sell him to Inter
  2. you are right and probably I noticed it more in Rudiger because he played for Roma. However I do like tough defenders but I dislike simulators also when they play for juve like Cuadrado or Lichtsteiner who are good players but have the same issue. Rudiger I felt a few times he brought this malice to the next level in a few occasions and disliked him for that
  3. With Antonio he will improve his tactical skills a lot, there is no doubt about that. When Conte took over Juve Bonucci was anywhere near the player he became afterwards. The issue is more about whether he is able to put the will to improve and to keep his concentration high all the time and on the side to improve his fair play record as well.
  4. well bonucci is a different category all together. Rudiger is a good player but in my book it would never be worth anywhere near 40 million Euro. He is very strong physically and very fast. Besides he is able to play in two roles which is a value added. He is not very smart tactically and sometimes he looses concentration during the game allowing chances. With Conte he will improve for sure these two aspects because otherwise he will not play :) The area that I dislike the most is his character,he is not straight as a arrow, he often provokes opponents and simulates, and I am not sure he will be able to change that. He reminds me another player with the same attitude, Pepe
  5. No Pogba was sold last year. Pirlo left in 2015 along with Tevez and Vidal and in fact the following season we had a terrible start. This summer is really unlikely especially after Bonucci left
  6. possibly :) I actually think that we have a good subs in Spinazzola that is at Atalanta till next year and had a phenomenal season last year. You should have gone for Bonucci this year damn it!
  7. yes his little one was very sick last year and luckily recovered from it, but he is still under medical attention in Turin
  8. no I think Sandro was never on the market and selling it now would really be a suicide even for silly money. Of course if the player gets crazy and starts pushing hard is possible but Juve at this point should really be strong-armed to let him go even for 70 millions. I think they have offered him an extension of the contract with increased salary and a promise to consider offers next year like they did with Pogba in 2015. If Sandro leaves as well I thinks that the huge technical problem would not even be the worse part, fans would start becoming really crazy and the season would risk being compromised
  9. traditionally Juve and Milan are the biggest serie A teams and despite historically competing there was generally never bad blood and enmity among the clubs and fans. Also because Juve traditionally dominates more domestically while Milan focused on CL. This changed after the 2006 scandal when Juve was relegated and Inter and at a lower degree Milan took advantage of the situation, despite being more heavily involved in the same type of behaviours for which juve was destroyed. That soured the relationship because Milan went on winning their 7th CL despite being found guilty in the same year of our relegation. Of course at the time the head of the government happened to be Milan president and the head of Italian FA a former member of Inter board of directors. Since then relationships have gone south worsened by an episode in 2012 (first Conte's title) when a regular goal was disallowed to Milan against us. So while we do not have the same type of deep rooted hatred we have for the joke of Serie A that is Inter, there is no more love left with Milan either Bonucci transfer to Milan is a massive blow that goes well beyond the technical aspect because Bonucci has been one of the leaders of this Juve's cycle and he has been the most vocal supporter of juve's values often going to see matches among the fans when he could not play. He was supposed to become captain next year after Buffon will leave, but clearly there was a fall off with the coach and the club and along with the silly money offered by Milan he decided to go. You do not wanna read his and his wife's social feed these days for the amount of abuse they are taking by fans Not really classy I know but it is a sign of how much it hurts. Of course we would have preferred he went to Chelsea or City, but they did not want to move from Italy and Juve clearly wanted to get rid of the problem asap. I think the club should have pushed more for a transfer abroad, it is a big mistake
  10. ultimately especially at Juve yes they will. I was answering to the claim that Bonucci's sale and De sciglio's purchase made Sandro's transfer more likely. The opposite is true IMO
  11. De Sciglio plays on the right mainly and we need for a replacement of Alves. If the club now sells Sandro too after Bonucci they will be in for a hell of a start of the season with the fans
  12. Yes they must be sold outside Italy. Tello will be the candidate, do not think Asa will go despite having offers from Turkey because they are not very high and he is a quality player that can cover 2 positions very well. But TBH Sandro is really too important especially after loosing Alves I am quite sure the club will try to keep him for another season and eventually promise him to let him decide next season like we didi with Pogba in 2015. However if Sandro went there would not be many options available much better than Asa. One of them is probably our own youngster Spinazzola who is still on loan to Atalanta and has had a fantastic season last year. Not same quality than present Sandro but good option. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9VibVTMdVk
  13. Well it is not like that and Sandro would definetly not go for bureaucratic reasons. He will go if Chelsea offers over 60m and Sandro does not accept the new revised contract and presses for a transfer, Juve does not want to sell him and does not need to. Regarding non-EU the rule is convoluted but basically we can add 1+1. The first will be most likely Betancour and the second Costa. In order to add the second we can sell Tello (who is not in the first team and is the most likely option), Cuadrado or Asamoah.
  14. well rock might be a bit of an overstatement. At juve he improved a lot defensively, but he still makes a few mistakes especially on set pieces and when he gets too cocky on transitions near the box. Attacking wise he is a fantastic player. At present it looks like he has decided to stay but the transfer window is long. Not sure that at 60-70 milions he would be the best way to improve your team though. There is room for improvement elsewhere for probably less money starting from the right back position for instance
  15. if he refuses the new deal at Juve and requests the transfer, it is very likely that the club will let him go for a good offer, and I expect anything above 60 m will be considered as such. So far there is no indication other than rumours that Sandro has requested the transfer and hopefully for us he won't because having to deal with two unexpected top transfers in the same window would be really tough for juve
  16. I do not think that we Sandro's decision will be dependant on the purchase of the CM, most of those deals are in instalments, Benatia costed 18 and Shick 30.5 (only 8 this year), on the other hand we also spent 35 millions on Cuadrado and 2 other players while getting 50 millions for Coman, Zaza, Neto and a couple of youngsters. So up to 50-60 millions investment we should be ok without needing further resources and we still have Rincon and Lemina for sale that are worth about 25 millions. It will all depend on Sandro's decision, if he does not accept our new terms (still lower than Chelsea's) then he will not be sold this year.
  17. It does not sounds like Marotta and I have not read or heard it anywhere. He generally never goes into the transactions details with the press especially before a deal is done. What is quite likely is that Juve will offer a new contract and will try everything to avoid loosing him this season, but as always if the player decides he wants to go and the offer is high enough the club will let him go. There is no official confirmation he wants to go though so far so we still hope he will stay.
  18. Aside from the fact that it was clearly a parody, to be precise Conte was never accused of match fixing but of failing to report one, arranged by a couple of his players in Siena at the end of the season. The whole accusation was a farce relying only on the word of a self confessed match fixer and felon who made a deal with the prosecution to get a more lenient penalty. For all those who know Conte's character it is hard to believe he ever accepted to loose a game for any reason even less so to cover up for some useless scumbags players he had the misfortune to manage and in facts all the other players including the other 2 involved in the fixing denied having shared their plans with Conte. That of course is well known also to Neapolitan supporters, but since they hate juve they have with simple truths like that the same difficult relationship they have with sense of humour and with the respect of sport rivals. On that note I would like to congratulate you for your great season, I had absolutely no doubts since you signed Antonio who is at present one of the absolute best if not the best manager in the world. I am also equally sure that Chelsea will do even better next year, when he will have more experience and better players, provided that the board is wise enough to work with him on transfers.

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