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  1. Your not a source, just a jumped up bell end who can read the papers just like all of us.
  2. Not hard to work out you're all the same person.
  3. Haha tired bro forgive me long day.
  4. Football agents new account?
  5. Wow grammar lessons on a forum. Bad mood today? Or just having a dick moment?
  6. Think u seriously need prove your a talking pony now mate.......
  7. I think it's more to do with the geezers knee more then negotiations.
  8. That post is pure laughter mate.
  9. You do realise when he calls him self football agent its only because he agrees players contracts on champ man lol.
  10. It amazes me u have managed to get 2 likes lmao
  11. How many times has it been said now that man utd are not interested.
  12. Hope so he's the forward I want. But off topic but any 1 eles having problems with talk chelsea forum?
  13. Quite a few reports suggesting its not happening I no its all talk but we r not nailed on for morata atm so am just asking what are options are.
  14. Guys am pretty worried about are striker situation or lack off. Morata looks like a no Go and and aubamayang (spelling) is not an option for me. What do u guys think.
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