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  1. Harsh but fair. You need to dominate your area and Kepa just can't do that. In Spain I guess it's less of an issue but here... let's just say our best keepers have been tall and happy to come for the ball.
  2. He's blamed for a lot of sh*t that goes wrong there too and people act like he picks the team, the manager... maybe he's just had enough of all of that?
  3. Especially for £30m. That's only £5m less than Ziyech who rinsed us last year in the Champions League and was quality at the highest level. Feels like another Micheal Hector to me. We need a left back and this is half way to buying one.
  4. Apparently since Lamps doesn't rate Jorghinio Juventus are offering either Rabiot or Ramsey as part of a deal. Sounds crap to me. They picked they both up on a free and neither has done much is anything. Rabiot us slightly younger but I get the impression he's trouble and in all honesty we should be getting ride of a midfielder for a defender not bringing in more CMs we don't need!
  5. Rudiger should be dropped and told that he needs to up his game. Start with Tomori (if fit) and Zouma next game. Azpi on the left and James. Frankly can't be any worse.... can it?
  6. Yep. Could save them from the drop. Leicester must be delighted.
  7. I get the feeling Frank doesn't want to burn him out but you're right. It also shows that Jorghinio is way more important than he gets credit for at times.
  8. I'm baffled by this too. He looked strong and ready and then we play Christiansen...
  9. What the f**k was that? I... I just can't... what???
  10. Is Steve Clarke not busy? He was a great defensive coach.
  11. SLOW?!? The rest I can kinda cop to the rest but slow he is not.
  12. Harsh on Tomori who's hardly had a shout in the second half of the season. Rudiger is supposed to be the senior defender and given a choice he'd be the one I replace with somebody new.
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