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  1. Waiting on VAR for that Giroud goal... [emoji849]
  2. What are you talking about? Man Utd don't commit fouls. [emoji849] Honestly VAR is a joke.
  3. Bats approach play has been good and he's working hard but he's lacking confidence. [emoji17] Plus that kick in the nuts from that f**king dirty c**t Maguire can't have helped... [emoji2959]
  4. How's this for a really random one, I heard that we want to re-sign Jérémie Boga. [emoji15]
  5. Anybody else remember when Barca have reportedly offered £50million plus Malcom? If that were a genuine offer... [emoji2962]
  6. I feel like this is the truth of it. January is rarely a good time to buy and I for one am glad we didn't just make panic buys and instead focused on what we have and effectively planned for the future.
  7. We've been okay but nothing more than that. Need to learn how to just have a dig from range occasionally. I get the feeling we're trying to Arsenal it into the goal from 2 yards.
  8. Oh f**k off. They did nothing all game and the fluked a goal.
  9. Well that f**king says it all doesn't it?? sh*t.
  10. Cool. Who? I mean who's available and won't mind sharing time with Tammy?
  11. Whatever happened to understanding that this is our first season under Lampard with a largely young and raw team with precious little chance of signing somebody? FML you sound like you belong on ATV... [emoji849]
  12. Why are people so down on us? We're basically playing against a team who aren't even bothering to try and play. They are just packing the defence, picking a pass with 6/7 guys in the 18 yard box is extremely difficult.
  13. The anti-football played by Newcastle has been effective but f**k me I wouldn't want to pay to watch this week in and out. No wonder they were giving away tickets...

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