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  1. Not sure what happened there, reply was meant for Scott.
  2. Great performance from England and Barkley in particular, but we were playing Montenegro. They're a level below our Europa League opponents in my opinion. We've been excellent in the Europa League this season but quite a few on here discredit our performances due to the weak opposition.
  3. I don't know how true this is, but I read previously that we were willing to pay Conte for the remainder of his contract but Conte wanted compensation on top of that due to the fact that we left the sacking so late into preseason. Meaning he was unable to find another club.
  4. Those Everton and Fulham games are the games where I get frustrated with Eden. Why couldn't he do much? He's an absolutely amazing player and is electric most of the time, especially against the top teams. He should be tearing teams the likes of Fulham and Everton apart.
  5. Proven winner yes, but also had the attitude of a spoilt child.
  6. That Chelsea 5-0 Everton performance was absolutely brilliant. Probably the best football I've seen us play for 90 minutes. It's a shame that we reached nowhere near that level during Conte's 2nd season.
  7. I'm still well in the "Sarri in" camp. I'm of the opinion that every manager deserves at least 1-2 seasons and a full pre-season before they're given the boot. That being said, there definitely seems to be something going wrong at the moment. It's like groundhog day, especially every away game. We dominate possession but look toothless in attack, then conceded 1-2 counter attacks over the course of the whole match which we concede from. If we can get a top top quality centre-half and a couple of top attack-minded players to compliment some of our talented youth, I think we'll be transformed. I know that's easier said than done. We look like a different team in Europe - hopefully we go on to win the Europa League. That's become so important now.
  8. The official line is that Deschamps doesn't want another left footed CB in the squad because he already has 2 (umtiti and Kimpembe I think).
  9. I was frustrated with Sarri's starting 11 when I saw it against Wolves because I really wanted CHO and RLC in the team. We've been struggling for creativity for a while and they're 2 of the most exciting players with have, but Sarri's been sticking with Pedro/Willian/Barkley/Kovacic. Although I was frustrated with the line-up, I don't really blame Sarri for picking the team that he did as we won our previous 2 games. I'm not saying that Sarri's tactics are perfect and that he shouldn't be questioned, far from him. I question some of his selections myself. But I do think it's completely wrong that anyone on here can claim that Sarri bottled it.
  10. So because he didn't change the whole formation and line-up after having back-to-back wins against Spurs (top 4 competitor) and Fulham you think he's a bottle job. Utterly ridiculous comment.
  11. Southampton at home was another one. I don't think this is a new thing, it's been going on since before Sarri arrived. Previously we had players like Fabregas and Costa who would create/score a goal out of nothing when we were struggling. I just think we're lacking attacking flair in our squad at the moment. I do think RLC and Hudson-Odoi need to be playing more and I think RLC would have had he not been injured, but i still think attack-minded signings are needed for us to compete for the league. I can understand why fans aren't overly happy as we've been a dominant force in this country for the past 20 years and now we're struggling for top 4. But I think a lot of us knew that we needed a rebuild which was going to take time, so this was inevitable. I don't think we're having a terrible season, I think we're doing ok considering we have a new manager and a squad that is pretty stale and needs freshening up.
  12. Seems like you're absolving the players and putting all the responsibility on the manager. Sarri did what a lot of fans on here have been crying out for this season. He brought RLC AND Hudson-Odoi on, and early enough to make a difference. He pulled off Jorginho and replaced him with WIllian, then put Kante back into defensive midfield. What more did you expect Sarri to do? It wasn't Sarri's fault that Luiz, Rudiger and Emerson defended so poorly during Wolves' first and only attack of the match. Saying a manager bottled it is a very strange thing to say. And wrong in this instance.
  13. I'm not celebrating. It was another really frustrating performance against a well organised team that 'parked the bus'. As I said, the result wasn't great. But I also don't think it's an awful result or a 'bottle job'.
  14. We made ground on 2 out of our 3 competitors for a top 4 spot. Obviously in an ideal world we'd win every match we play, but that isn't realistic. Instead we've drawn with one of the toughest teams in the league this season. Not great, but not awful either. And definitely not a bottle job.
  15. Man City play with the same high defensive line and they won the league last season with a record points tally. To say that defending with a high line doesn't work in the premier league is just wrong.
  16. Man Utd also drew to Wolves at home and Spurs lost to Wolves at home. Does that mean that neither of those clubs will make the top 4 either?
  17. It's between Kante and RLC for me. Closely followed by Hazard.
  18. I'm more nervous for the game tonight than I was on Sunday - this match is so important. There's no doubt that they're going to be their usual cheating, fouling, diving selves, especially since they're coming off the back of a defeat to Burnley. A lot of their players up their game against us too. A criticism that I've had of us this season is that we've not been nasty enough and showed enough fight. We've been too nice. Whoever our team is tonight need to be up for a scrap from the off! It's my dad's birthday today (lifelong Chelsea fan), so I'm headed to his to watch the game later. Hopefully the Chels can give him a lovely birthday present and smash those dirty b*sta*ds! Come on Chels!
  19. Oh did he? Emerson has really impressed me this season, so I'm hoping that he starts too. I just thought he might opt for the rested Alonso. I'd also start RLC but I can't see Sarri leaving out Kovacic seeing as he didn't feature on Sunday.
  20. This will be a difficult team selection for Sarri - I guess he'll have to see how the team are feeling after the final on Sunday. I'm pretty sure that Kovacic will start as he missed out on the final. I Also think we should be starting Ruben and CHO it's just difficult to see where they will fit in. Jorginho and Hazard were both great on Sunday, but played the whole 120 minutes, so I'd be tempted to rest at least one of them. The problem we have is that we don't really have a like-for-like replacement for Jorginho. Maybe he will play Kovacic there alongside Kante and RLC. I also think that Kepa should be dropped, after what happened on Sunday. I think we will end up seeing this team: Caballero Azpillicueta Rudiger Christensen Alonso Jorginho Kante Kovacic CHO Hazard Higuain I prefer Emerson in the left back slot, but he's just played 120 minutes and Alonso will be fresh.
  21. We went with the same penalty taking line-up as against Spurs in the semis. I doubt the decision was in Higuain's hands. You can't blame anyone for missing a penalty, it's just one of those things. Shoot-outs are a bit of a lottery.
  22. To be fair, it was only during a 15 minute spell in the 2nd half. It was great to see though!
  23. City "absolutely bossed the game". Are you having a laugh? They were definitely the better team in the first half, but they barely laid a glove on us in the second half and extra time and we were the team getting into the more dangerous attacking positions. There was a 15 minute spell in the 2nd half where we had 73% possession and were playing some absolutely lovely football. Sarri got his tactics spot on yesterday. We're at out most vulnerable in the first 30 minutes so playing more reserved at the start was a good idea and what many fans were asking for. If we don't concede early our passing game generally takes over as our opponents (such as City yesterday) can't sustain their intense pressing game for the full 90 minutes. Especially against a team that keeps possession as well as we do now. I was really please to see Emerson start and CHO/RLC coming off the bench. All played well. I actually thought we looked great with Hazard, CHO, RLC and Willian all on at the same time. And Kante was an absolute monster yesterday. Very encouraging signs despite the defeat. Huge game on Wednesday now, we need a big performance and so does Sarri.
  24. No game is easy, but I get your point about Europa compared to Champions League. Easy League Cup run though? Spurs twice and Liverpool away...
  25. And Conte was backed with our record signing at the time 60m Morata. He was backed with £40m Bakayoko. Like I said, there's no difference. Ultimately, you want your managers to be backed. Sarri has been backed with a couple of signing, that isn't enough.

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