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    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    It'll be interesting to see if Sarri makes some changes to his preferred 11 now - I think he has to. He couldn't really justify dropping Willian or Pedro against Arsenal as they are the senior pros and both scored against Newcastle. It's easier to make changes after a bad defeat, so I think we'll see some in our next few matches. Willian and Pedro to be dropped with Hudson Odoi - Giroud/Higuain coming in. I'd also be tempted to see what Ampadu can offer us as CDM, but I don't think Sarri is ready to drop Jorginho for an 18 year old just yet. I still don't think we're too far away from being a top side and challenging for the league, it's just the final 3rd that is really letting us down - we're lacking in the energy, speed and pressing department. Hazard isn't the best at pressing and Willian seems to be playing in 3rd gear this season. Things need freshening up. Our defensive shape has been good for a couple of months now, but we were awful at dealing with crosses against Arsenal. Both of there their goals were from crosses - to be fair the first goal was brilliant from Lacazzette although he should never have had that much space in the box. Their 2nd goal was a fluke, but we should have still dealt with it much better. We're not getting the rub of the green this season.
  2. Predictable line-up. I’d have rather had CHO over William, but il not too displeased. Willian and Pedro scored last weekend, so he wasn’t going to drop either of them. Our bench looks good to me. Can bring Giroud plans CHO on to make an impact if needed. And have Ampadu and Barkley to cover the midfield.
  3. DannyVblue


    How do you know that Sarri wasn't happy to work with the players that were already at his disposal? If Sarri is offered the chance to sign players such as Jorginho, Kepa and Kovacic what would you expect his response to be? "No, I don't want those players, I'm happy to work with what I have". Sarri was brought in to work with the players that we already have and improve them, but if he's offered the chance to sign players better than what we had at the time he's not going to turn that opportunity down. If Jorginho, Kepa and Kovacic were all Sarri's signings like you claim, were Morata, Bakayoko, Drinkwater and Zappacosta all Conte signings? Kepa was bought because we needed a new keeper as Courtois went awol - this purchase was a necessity. We then managed to get Kovacic as Courtois was going the other way, I doubt we'd have got Kovacic if Courtois didn't leave for Madrid. And every football fan in the UK can see that we're screaming out for a striker and it just so happens that Higuain was best option at the time. No doubt that Sarri will be pleased with the signing he's managed to get in, but I wouldn't say hes the type of manager to demand signings. Conte/Mourinho are more that type of manager.
  4. DannyVblue


    It's not against our board's policy to offer a 31 year old a 6-month loan.
  5. DannyVblue


    We're in need of a striker and we've managed to get one who has an excellent goal-scoring record on a 6-month loan. Makes sense to me. I was really worried that we were going to end up spending £40+ million on Wilson. I find it funny that we've already got members posting that this will be on Sarri's head if Higuain fails to deliver. Higuain scored 36 league goal in 35 matches for Sarri in their season together - that's phenomenal. If asked, of course Sarri would give Higuain a glowing reference.
  6. DannyVblue

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Yes pretty much. Just checked online and he's currently 10/11 to join Bayern this month and 5/6 to remain at Chelsea. They basically think it's 50/50. I'm personally very confident that he will not be leaving this month.
  7. DannyVblue

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    It'll be 5/6 either way as the bookies will factor in their margin.
  8. DannyVblue

    Will we sign a striker?

    I can't believe that we haven't gone in for Werner - i think he'd be perfect for us. 22 years old, lots of talent, and only 18 months left on his contract.
  9. DannyVblue

    Oliver Giroud - The anti - Drogba

    I really hope that we don't sign Wilson, I'd much rather save the money and play Tammy. £50 million!? You've got to be kidding me.
  10. DannyVblue


    It was a really great goal he scored on Saturday and even sweeter because it was so important. My Mrs couldn't stop laughing from the kitchen though as all she heard was "Oh F*#!ing hell Willian!" (because I didn't think he was busting a gut to get in the box when Hazard had the ball), then 1 second later "Get in there Willian you beauty!". From frustration to joy all in the space of about 2 seconds.
  11. DannyVblue

    The John Obi Mikel Goal Scoring Thread

    Chelsea legend. I'd have him back as back-up to Jorginho.
  12. DannyVblue

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Kante is still putting in world class performances week in week out. He's been our standout performer this year alongside Hazard.
  13. DannyVblue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Conte did a brilliant job the year we won the league. I still love Conte, he's made history with us. Premier league and FA Cup in 2 years is superb. Things in football change quickly though and if you don't adapt you'll be left behind and last season his defensive tactics were questionable. The way we set up against City away was the worst and most embarrassing tactical display I've ever seen from us. Don't get me wrong, we've played worse in games (we were terrible against Spurs away in the league this season), but in terms of how we were set up tactically by the manager for a match, that was the worst. Some on here are calling Sarri's possession based football boring, but I'm really enjoying watching it and it seems our players are happy with it too.
  14. DannyVblue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    We were playing to these so called "strengths" last season and finished 5th.
  15. DannyVblue

    Nicolo Barella

    We've been linked to Nicolo Barella in a few of the rags this week. He's a player I rate very highly, but wasn't sure that he'd fit into our already full midfield. My views have changed slightly though as I've noticed Barella has played the deep lying playmaker (regista) role for Cagliari a few times this season. If Fabregas leaves we'll need to get someone in, and Barella could be a great option as he is able to play in all 3 of our midfield positions.
  16. DannyVblue

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    That's fair, I personally would have liked to see him get more minutes earlier in the season. At the start of the season he had 2 experienced proven premier league players in front of him, so it was always going to take a bit of time to try and win their spots in the team. He's now done a great job of doing that and is now starting games. The rumours aren't subsiding though, they are getting worse. Hopefully he keeps on playing regularly and signs a new deal with us. There is no way the club will accept an offer for CHO unless he tells them that he wants to leave.
  17. DannyVblue

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    I really can't get my head around why he'd want to leave. Everyone seems to think it's because he wont get the opportunities with us, but he's only 18 and has started our last 2 matches. Sarri has also stated that he's ready and level with both Pedro and Willian in the pecking order and I think there's a very good chance that he'll be our first choice right winger within the next couple of months. he fans and his teammates love him and he has a clear route to the first team - what more does he want? I feel like there's something sinister going on behind the scenes - maybe his family are pushing for a deal so they get their commission on the transfer. If I had the chance to play for Chelsea and help them win trophies I'd do it for free!
  18. DannyVblue

    Spuds V Chelsea (LC) Tue 8th Jan 20:00 UK

    I thought we played very well last night. At this level though the margins are so small and we definitely haven't been getting the rub of the green this season. I met a mate of mine after the match last night for a quick beer (Spurs fan) and he thought a fair reflection of the game would have been a 2-0 victory to us, he wasn't happy with how they played at all and said we were by far the better team. I'd have to agree with him. We hit the post twice and they scored due to a farcical VAR decision. It's been a while since we went away to one of the top 6 and really controlled the game, it was one way traffic and forced the Spuds to keep hoofing the ball long under pressure. For all of our control we just lacked that killer instinct/bit of magic in the final third. Callum Hudson-Odoi looked very good again and was our most threatening player alongside Hazard. Hopefully he gets a run in the team now. Barkley worked very hard but seems to be lacking that spark in the final 3rd which I think we need from that position. I think RLC is the man that can provide it - I'm really looking forward to seeing how RLC, CHO and Hazard work together in tandem. I have a feeling that those 3 playing at the same time will transform our attack. Such a shame Ruben is struggling with an injury. Also mentions to Chrsitensen, Rudiger and Kante who I thought were all excellent. Although we lost, I think that this performance would have given our players a lot of confidence for the 2nd leg. It's only half time and I'm confident that we're going to turn them over at the bridge!
  19. DannyVblue

    Nicolo Barella

    We have a Napoli fan above who I'm sure watches a lot more Italian football than both of us, and he rates Barella very highly. And he's not the only one. He's already a starter for the Italian national team and also only 21 so he has loads of time to improve. I'd personally be happy with the signing.
  20. DannyVblue

    Nicolo Barella

    Barella scored 6 goals in 34 apps for Cagliari in serie a last season. Not bad for a 20 year old playing for a struggling Cagliari team.
  21. DannyVblue

    Nicolo Barella

    You're a Napoli fan, right? how do you rate Barella? Have you seen him play much? I watched the Poland vs Italy match and he was the best player on the pitch.
  22. DannyVblue

    Nicolo Barella

    He looks like a great talent and only 21. I hope we get him.
  23. DannyVblue

    Club finances and general CFC news

    I don't know how you can compare us, a football club with year on year losses for the past 20+ years until recently, to Amazon/Google etc and their huge profit/ability to print money. Completely different situations. Yes, I 100% agree with you that there are a lot of very successful companies out there that do not pay their fair share in tax - the likes of Amazon and Facebook that have all the benefits of accessing the UK market but find loopholes to avoid paying as much tax as the average Joe. That's not right. I wouldn't paint us with the same brush though. And I can guarantee to you that the likes of Bruce Buck will be paying a lot more in tax at Chelsea than any of the cleaning staff, stewards, etc. If we're making an annual net loss, what should we be paying tax on? Do you think Abramovich is making huge money from us? He's not. He'll be making his profit from the club when he eventually decides to sell.
  24. DannyVblue


    I think he's done OK for us. He's not a bad player and always gives it 100%. Problem is that he cost a lot of money for a bench player - we'd have been much better off saving the cash and promoting one of our youth team such as Reece James or Sterling.
  25. DannyVblue

    Spuds V Chelsea (LC) Tue 8th Jan 20:00 UK

    We need to show more fight this time around, our last performance there was shocking. My team would be: Kepa Azpi Rudiger Luiz Alonso Jorginho Kante Kovacic Hudson-Odoi Pedro Hazard I have a feeling that Sarri may bench CHO for this one in place of Morata. Hopefully not though!