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  1. I wouldn;t substitute America for Africa but instead add America. People under estimate the sheer numbers of fans from Africa and India
  2. As an American I stand in solidarity with this statement...
  3. I just realized that in 50 years kids would say Messi and Ronaldo played against farmers And didn't do it in the super League.😂😂😂😂
  4. Never knew FIFA would one day be the voice of reasoning.lol
  6. It is obviously not about reforming the governing body but explain to me how it is a f**k you to the fans if the clubs will still participate in their local leagues. All they are doing is replacing the UCL with the Super league while making more money for themselves. It is all about money. Why do u think lampard was fired . The club was afraid of not making the UCL and hence losing money
  7. It is a replacement for the Champions league. We still want to be part of the premier league. We are just saying f**k u to UEFA. Didnt you read the statement on the club website 20 participating clubs with 15 Founding Clubs and a qualifying mechanism for a further five teams to qualify annually based on achievements in the prior season. Midweek fixtures with all participating clubs continuing to compete in their respective national leagues, preserving the traditional domestic match calendar which remains at the heart of the club game.
  8. I guess you can buzz off to VALHALLA.. lol. just kidding. i know how u feel
  9. Have you seen these signed documents? Has Chelsea football club come out and said anything. Like i said it is all speculation but you are free to take it as fact
  10. This is all speculation. I am old enough to know not to pass judgement until all the facts are on the table. I am skeptical about the timing though because UEFA was meant to unveil their new format for the Champions league commencing the year 2024 tomorrow . This might just be a show of power from the big clubs who dont want to share the pie with the smaller teams but like i said i will wait till the facts are on the table before i pass judgement
  11. We need the squad for this game. Azpi and mount are due a rest and Kante needs to be protected if we want to get past real. Mendy Zouma. Christensen. Rudiger CHO Gilmour. Jorginho. Alonso Ziyech havertz. Pulisic
  12. And we cant forget the lofted pass against crystal palace when Havertz did the Gascoigne lob over the defender but missed. It would have been a goal of the season contender and Jorginho would have been associated with the play but unfortunately it is just history to no fault of Jorginhos
  13. To be fair I see your point. Jorginho is Very good at his job but would be even better if he could try some ambitious balls over the defence. I honestly always see him under pressure though hence why I think it would be risky if he lost the ball in that position. I believe he is just playing to instruction by playing the safe passes which I have no problems with. THERE HAVE ALSO BEEN INSTANCES WHEN HE PLAYED A THROUGH BALL BUT OUR STRIKERS FLUFFED THEIR LINES I do agree with you about playing the ball early to Werner though. I really hate it when I see Werner make a run and the midfield
  14. I agree with the fact that a pro should be able to take a risky pass. I just don't think that responsibility falls on the Defensive midfielder when there are others ahead of him to make that pass. If Mount makes that pass and it gets intercepted he has Jorginho and kante to bail him , If jorginho fails the opponent has a free go at our defence. I dont agree with your statement that we have the players to play like liverpool of last season or Man u in their prime, if we did Lampard wouldn't have been fired because he was obviously going for that kind of football. We dont have foward
  15. The fact is he is instructed to measure the risk/ reward of his passes hence the safe passes that help us keep possesion which is very crucial against the top sides. To you he should just pass the difficult pass and send werner through but if that pass is intercepted it is a very easy counter attack which will lead to a goal. Especially since it is our DM making the pass and wont be in position to protect the defence. The passes you are talking about should be made by Kante and Mount since they are ahead of him and to his credit Mount made the pass for Ziyechs goal. I do agree thou
  16. I honestly can't believe how Jorginho can be criticized after todays performance. I guess beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Jorginho totally dominated the midfield with his possesion and even added some extra bite with his tackles and ball recoveries. It is not his job to send hollywood passes to the striker. He as a job for the team and does it to perfection. he is similar to prime Sergio Busquets, now tell me how many times Busquets sent through balls to the Barca strikers. His job was to recycle the ball and get it Xavi , Inesta and Messi to do damage. There is a reason why Pep
  17. NAAAA BUDDY.lol To be fair i thought KDB would destroy when i saw the line ups
  18. I thought KDB was going to run Jorginho out of town. How glad i am that i was wrong
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