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  1. If Chelsea want to assert themselves back into a Champions League place then we shouldn't really dropping points to a newly promoted team. Although with it being after an international break there may be a few issues 3 points is what we should get.
  2. True, But look now. Welsh football has fallen a bit. We do have a few standout teams in the English leagues like Cardiff and Swansea but in terms of the Welsh Premier League it's basically a lesser known version of the SPL. Ever since the 09-10 season The New Saints have won the league every time apart from 10-11. I do support my local team but unfortunately they're in the 2nd division of Welsh football.
  3. Jesus, reading the older pages of this thread of people being happy making it to the final made me really nostalgic. I remember the moment the semi-final ended and it was confirmed Chelsea had made it, legit remember not sleeping. The final itself was so tense, when Muller scored that goal I remember crying on the inside, but of course when Drogba scored all was good in the world. That penalty shootout was so surreal, but of course the stars were aligned for Drogba to leave Chelsea on the biggest high and win us the Champions League by that penalty. All in all, one of if not the best nights of my life.
  4. Hi. Me being a Chelsea fan also from North Wales, I know the pain of not having any people around you supporting the same club. Everybody I know seems to support either of the Manchester teams or Liverpool. I find it strange how most people I know (including myself) would rather support teams in England than teams in Wales with good reason, Welsh football is a tad bit awful.

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