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  1. CFC North Wales

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Strong Chelsea side on paper
  2. CFC North Wales

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    It looks like Sarri only has plan A ,no plan B/C etc like we needed against Spurs . To be honest I have not been overly impressed with Jorginho from the start ,OK he has the most passes in the game but 90% are simply 1- 10m passes . I think it was out of order if Sarri singled out Kante in the press today. That Son goal for Spurs summed up how poor Luiz and Jorginho were in the match. We were lucky not to lose against Everton , other managers will now follow the same tactics against us and I predict Ranieri will mess us up on Sunday unless we have a plan B . By the way I've never seen so many tickets available for a derby match on ticket exchange as for Sunday
  3. CFC North Wales

    Eden Hazard

    Reported as saying this today, wanting to work with Jose again ! Back to defensive duties then. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45851960
  4. CFC North Wales

    Busy December

    Do teams on the continent play 9 competitive matches in one month. Maybe that's why teams from the Premier league don't win the Champions League that often. That could be a point ....lol
  5. CFC North Wales

    Busy December

    Not a point mate, just a comment
  6. CFC North Wales

    Busy December

    Looks like we have seven Premier league matches in December one Europa game and a Carabo cup quarter final if we beat Derby.
  7. CFC North Wales

    West Ham V Chelsea (PL) Sun 23rd Sep 13:30 UK

    I haven't read what has been said in previous posts on here but Matt Dickinson in today's Times says what exactly I thought about the match on Sunday. He writes an article called 'Kante fulfils many roles but he is wasted further forward' . I agree 100% with what is said , if you can find a copy read it and you will see what I mean.
  8. CFC North Wales

    Chelsea V Cardiff (PL) Sat 15th Sep 15:00 UK

    Should be an interesting match can't wait.
  9. CFC North Wales

    Chelsea V Cardiff (PL) Sat 15th Sep 15:00 UK

    Moss to ref on Saturday
  10. CFC North Wales

    Ethan Ampadu

    He was used in midfield last night so he is not just a CB Chelsea have used Luiz in a similar role in the past.
  11. CFC North Wales

    Ethan Ampadu

    Named as man of the match. Played in midfield in front of Ashley Williams . Future Wales captain , I have no doubts. Old head on young shoulders .
  12. CFC North Wales

    Chelsea V Cardiff (PL) Sat 15th Sep 15:00 UK

    Looking forward to this one. My first visit this season ,got a good seat in the East Stand Upper . Not really bothered Willian/Pedro Luiz/Christiensen etc but I hope there is a really strong referee for this one, Cardiff can get a bit physical . Just hope its not Pawson ...lol. A win will give us a good lift for the forthcoming West Ham ( hope they do not do a Crystal Palace on us !!) and Liverpool matches not to mention maintaining our 100% start.
  13. CFC North Wales

    Hi from N Wales

    Hi Bourbon , I know what you mean about Welsh football teams. There has always been a North - South divide here in Wales , which also shows up when following the National team so have been told by some who follow the team to all the games. It is easier and a lot quicker for me to travel to London by train than to Cardiff or Swansea . Three and a half hours on a Virgin train to Euston and then 40min by tube/bus to the Bridge. Best of luck to the Welsh women tonight ! Got my ticket for the Chelsea - Cardiff match yesterday , train already booked !
  14. CFC North Wales

    Chelsea V Bournemouth (PL) Sat 1st Sep 15:00 UK

    Wise words , we cannot afford to be complacent Bournemouth always play with 100% effort for the full 90 min. Our back four will have to be on top of their game for the whole match. Will be nice to se Ake back at the Bridge . We have to win these types of home games if we are to be in contention at the end of the season and that is not disrespectful to our opposition.
  15. CFC North Wales

    Fridays europa league draw

    Celtic or Rangers could be in the mix as well . Either of them would be interesting. We could even see the return of Ivanovic to the Bridge .