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  1. I was delighted when he was announced as our manager, some of the football that napoli played last season was incredible. To be fair we're probably around about where we deserve to be comparing our squad to the others around us. We need a complete overhaul and a massive rebuild which unfortunately is going to take time. There are a lot of issues with the club right now and I don't see how sacking a manager after having 6 months in the job is going to help them.
  2. Honestly baffles me why we never hit shots when outside the box. Always trying to pass and score the perfect goal. Hit the f**king ball.
  3. I'm confident we will do them. Expecting a massive response from that sh*t show against arsenal.
  4. I think the thing that worries me the most is that he came out and said that the players are difficult to motivate. It was a f**king London Derby ffs. What more motivation do you need??

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