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  1. The last thing i wanna see happen is to appoint Lampard and in less than 6 months to sack him, because there is a huge, huge chance that will happen. And i also see this thing mention that he play the youngester. But in Chelsea is a complete different story. I can bet you won`t see him integrate much youngester as a lot of poster here think will happen. Many reason for that, won`t explain them, cause it`s close to the brain. BTW i thought Sarri is a guy who work with what he have and not complain much about new transfer. Then how we manage to make another hole between the manager and the board? What is the number of managers now that have problems with the board? We need high quality top coach, similar to Klopp, and to give him promise, once the ban is gone he will recieve every credit and money to build the squad he want and think it`s the right one. But is there high quality manager on the marker right now ?
  2. Last year the comments were the same. Give the new manager time, don`t touch him. December come 90% of the forum - SACK Sarri he is usless, he is clueless, he is stubborn, his tactics not work, he doesn`t have plan B, and blq, blq, blq ... Before that the same s**** with Conte. Now i give Lampard 3-4 months before people start wanting his head. And the reason will be that he is a inexperienced. Yet the same people were saying in the summer he is the best choice for US and they will support him and everyone should give hime time. There is something very much wrong with our team and supporter. Automatically if we don`t get what fans think we deserve at placing/results they blame the manager - always. Just before few years we were infront of Liverpool and in the same league with City, now both teams are miles ahead. Guess why ?

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