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  1. I wish... Willian and Pedro we can recoup decent fees, but not sure how much Pedro would be worth in the current market given his age and where he is in his career atm
  2. First one would be fantastic, not sure on the second though! I think Jorginho could play a big part for us
  3. Fair enough, didnt quite watch much of Rugani last season but up until then I think he was being touted as Juventus' next big thing as a CB. I think both Romagnoli and Rugani are of similar age, but Romagnoli definitely plays more games and I think hes even captain of AC atm, so not sure what the chances of getting him are. I think we were linked at one point, but not sure what happened. I think he counts as a world class CB and will definitely try pushing for him. Romagnoli-Rudiger with Christensen 3rd choice and Tomori 4th. Can sell Zouma.
  4. ENygma

    Ben Chilwell

    For sure, keep RJ as our starting main for now. If he still needs time to adjust we can sign a top quality RB and ease RJ into the new role and keep Azpi as 3rd choice CB and 2nd choice LB. Can even be kept as an emergency CB if needs be as hes played there quite a bit, especially under Conte.
  5. What money + player deals would you like to see that may be unrealistic but is possible? Mine would be Bakayoko + 70m for Romagnoli from AC Milan. They enjoyed having Baka last season and only didnt sign was because they missed out on UCL and was too expensive.
  6. ENygma

    Ben Chilwell

    Not worth anywhere near 70m and Emerson is already better than him. If Alonso goes we need to find a good backup option. I wouldnt mind signing a new RB and keeping Azpi as backup at both RB and LB.
  7. You dont think Rugani is better than Zouma/Rudiger/Christensen? I certainly have him better Zouma and Christensen, and honestly I think he's better than Rudiger as well. Both Rugani or Romagnoli would be a big upgrade on our current defence.
  8. Not sure tbh... id take Dybala in a heartbeat. Especially after last nights performance. We need a young hungry striker and i feel Dybala is just that. Lets not forget that before Ronaldo moved to Juve he was their star player and all the big clubs were chasing him.
  9. To be fair, when he did the whole Rocky Balboa "Adriannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" I was cracking up with laughter!
  10. He will indeed! The transfer ban coupled with the new loan rules was 100% a blessing in disguise. We have cleared the club of so much deadwood and Lamps coming in to finally give the youth a chance is great. If he can carry on getting the squad to play like this, then I hope we get to keep him as manager for a long long time
  11. So how many finals have we lost now on penalties in recent years? Or at least where we've played brilliantly just to lose in some jammy way. That being said, id say overall there were much more positives than negatives tonight, but it still leaves a sour taste knowing we've lost another final. Our midfield actually looks incredible with Jorg/Kov/Kante. Kinda crazy to think how last season that same MF looked a bit poor, but I think after a whole season of adjusting to english football that Jorg and Kov have really come into their own. Though the signs were already there towards the end of last season. Pulisic looks a great player in all honesty, sure its hard to live upto Hazards levels, but if he carries on performing like this then I have high hopes for him. Our striker situation is still awful, Tammy isnt good enough if you ask me. I never really thought he was good enough to be a starter for us as hes always looked championship quality. Hes nowhere near as good as CHO is thats for sure. Giroud can still do a job for us, he chips in with goals, but as a constant goal scoring threat he is not the one. Defence tonight wasnt actually too bad. Emerson is out best defender in general id say, hes been great and glad hes finally starting over Alonso on a consistent basis. Azpi is doing an Ivan. The decline has started and I dont think hes going to ever get back to his best. Christensen was good tonight, and Zouma was good too. I still think we need an upgrade at CB but no real complaints from me tonight. Kepa living upto the pricetag, hes really a good keeper and I prefer him to Courtois no doubt. Seeing comments that they'd rather have Willy for pens but I think Kepa can still definitely do a job. He got really close to stopping a couple and Liverpool got jammy. Plus that double save he did earlier in the game was incredible, and if it was a certain overrated spanish fraud who did that it would be all over the news, but as its Kepa its been kept lowkey which irks me.
  12. Has he even signed the contract yet? Closer to 48 days than 48 hours. I suppose he wouldnt want to be backup, but Sancho is always a long shot anyway. Pulisic-Dybala-CHO would still be unreal. Dybala really seems like he wants to leave Juve as well, and Utd fumbled the deal with Arsenal already stacked up front and can't see Tottenham having a place for him... If we go in hard, there's a good chance we can get him and I hope we do.
  13. Not sure where 500m is coming from tbh but Id say: Dybala: 70m Sancho: 100m Rugani: 40m Not sure if Dybala can play as a striker, but either that or a number 10. Rugani to partner up with Rudiger/Christensen. Pulisic and Sancho on opposite wings with Dybala down the middle? Seems unreal. Also not sure if I want to see a new RB, or give Reece a run in but personally for now id go for a world class RB if there is the option to and have Reece as backup. Azpi needs to go. Alonso can also go, with Emerson either get upgraded or get a decent backup in. Possibly a good youth LB that can come on as an Emerson replacement (if we have one)
  14. Not as bad as Ivan's final season, but the decline was steady, similar to this current decline. If we keep Azpi for a couple more years, he'll be as bad as Ivan was towards the end.
  15. ENygma

    Ben Chilwell

    Kyle Walker at least was heard of and was a good player for several years before and built up a rep. Nobody even knew who Chilwell was until midway through last season...

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