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  1. This is essentially our game in hand, 3 points is a must! Top 4 and Europa are all we have left this season, and our Europa run of games is looking quite easy (dare I say) so we must fully focus on top 4 now
  2. What a player! Incredible performance! He's similar to a Zlatan in terms of him being big and strong, but also technically very good! Not many players who seem to have both of those about them.
  3. Best draw we could have hoped for, but we cant underestimate them as they just knocked out Sevilla, who only just a couple of seasons ago won the europa 3 seasons in a row. If we do get through, i expect to play benfica in the semi's, which should also be a decent game for us, and then either Napoli or Arsenal in final. Napoli vs Chelsea would be pretty poetic though dont you think?
  4. Giroud for the hattrick. But mightily impressed with RLC, my word the way he was dominating that midfield! Also thinks Kovacic really suits that position (the Jorg role). Jorg/Kova should be in that role, and have RLC and Kante together with Barkley as a option off the bench. CHO shined again given the opportunity, Alonso also had a good game given his terrible form this season.
  5. Absolutely spot on. Dont get me wrong, Pedro and Willian have had their uses this season and pop up every now and then, but as for consistent top level performers they are way past it. Wingers being made up of Hazard, Pulisic and CHO is great. Though i do feel if we sell both Pedro and Willian that we should probably sign one more winger in case of injuries, or just bring back a loanee/promote a youth player. If we still decide to have both Willian and Pedro next season, then I really do feel for CHO because hes just not going to get the minutes he deserves
  6. f**k me Tottenham really are bottle jobs ahahahah! Perfect opportunity for us to come storming back tomorrow. Would be great if Arsenal and Utd could draw and we beat Wolves tomorrow!! COME ON YOU CHELSSSS
  7. Should have been 7 or 8-0 to us, but 3-0 is good. Lovely 2nd and 3rd goals. Alonso was poor and Zappa's crossing is some of the worst ive ever seen. Definitely need some new fullbacks. Should be going through, just hope we have an easy draw so we can focus up more on the prem
  8. In all fairness to RLC, he was injured and just getting back into the mix. CHO i can somewhat agree on, but they are both still improvements since the early parts of the season
  9. Exactly mate. As long as we bring in the right players in and sort out the loan mess we can easily compete for all the top honours next season. As good as we started, this year was always going to be a transitional/rebuilding season
  10. What a performance he had against Madrid! Too bad now his name is in the bright lights and teams like Barca will go after him
  11. Would be a great transfers, but for whatever reason money+swap deals hardly ever come into fruition
  12. Not going to lie, before the europa game against Malmo where we beat them 3-0, I had lost almost all faith in Sarri. He came across as a stubborn manager who was never going to change his tactics no matter how badly we got humiliated and I thought he was done for. But since the embarrassing defeat to City, he has actually shown that hes willing to drop players and change tactics a little instead of playing the same football over and over. Obviously he could have done it sooner, but its better than not doing it at all and I have some faith in him again. Of course its easy to say that we should sell half our team and drop all our regular starters, but the truth is change comes slowly and im happy to see he has already made some decisions we thought we would never see such as dropping Alonso for Emerson. The tactics with Jorg seem to be changing a little and Kante sometimes plays deeper than he did at the beginning of the season. Kovacic is also a good replacement for Jorginho, and thats where Sarri has been playing him as of late. CHO and RLC both also getting much more minutes is also a bonus. Im never one to speak too soon, but I feel we are past the worst of the season now, so it can only be up from here (I hope)
  13. Need to be at our best to beat Wolves tbh, they have been sensational this season and probably the best team outside the top 6.
  14. A nice semi-rotated team for this should still be more than enough to handle Dynamo who have looked a bit shabby this season. Willy Azpi, Christensen, Rudiger, Emerson RLC, Kovacic, Barkley CHO Higuain Willian

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