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  1. Ideal. Was thinking Lucas Hernandez before this window, but hes just signed for Bayern so there's that. Not sure what top fullback options are available right now?
  2. He played in a position where hes basically never played before. He looks impressive as a number 10. Not as a CM or a winger.
  3. I obviously meant a choice between having your adblocker turned on or off for this site you buffoon.
  4. Give people the choice at least. I prefer to use the internet without a bunch of ads in my face, but I find it annoying how more and more sites can detect an adblocker and just dont let you use the site without disabling it...
  5. Feel for Barkley tbh, he was one of the best players we had in preseason, but I can see why Lamps is giving Mount the chances as he too has impressed in the games hes played so far. Even though he doesnt start though, he can still get a whole load of games for us this season as we are in all 4 competitions this year, so there will need to be a lot of rotating.
  6. Yep, and it seems a good way to deal with things I feel. We have gotten rid of a lot of deadwood this window anyway, there are still quite a few on loan and a few which I have no clue what they're doing (the likes of Hector, Piazon?) but on the whole its a move in the right direction.
  7. That goal he scored for us in his first game was worth the price tag alone.
  8. why cant I use adblocker anymore? Pain in the ass....
  9. Loan deal to Roma. Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand Iw ould have preferred selling him permanently as a loan deal seems pointless. But on the other hand, given how bad Azpi has been I would rather he start for now until RJ comes into the fray.
  10. I wish... Willian and Pedro we can recoup decent fees, but not sure how much Pedro would be worth in the current market given his age and where he is in his career atm
  11. First one would be fantastic, not sure on the second though! I think Jorginho could play a big part for us
  12. Fair enough, didnt quite watch much of Rugani last season but up until then I think he was being touted as Juventus' next big thing as a CB. I think both Romagnoli and Rugani are of similar age, but Romagnoli definitely plays more games and I think hes even captain of AC atm, so not sure what the chances of getting him are. I think we were linked at one point, but not sure what happened. I think he counts as a world class CB and will definitely try pushing for him. Romagnoli-Rudiger with Christensen 3rd choice and Tomori 4th. Can sell Zouma.
  13. ENygma

    Ben Chilwell

    For sure, keep RJ as our starting main for now. If he still needs time to adjust we can sign a top quality RB and ease RJ into the new role and keep Azpi as 3rd choice CB and 2nd choice LB. Can even be kept as an emergency CB if needs be as hes played there quite a bit, especially under Conte.
  14. What money + player deals would you like to see that may be unrealistic but is possible? Mine would be Bakayoko + 70m for Romagnoli from AC Milan. They enjoyed having Baka last season and only didnt sign was because they missed out on UCL and was too expensive.
  15. ENygma

    Ben Chilwell

    Not worth anywhere near 70m and Emerson is already better than him. If Alonso goes we need to find a good backup option. I wouldnt mind signing a new RB and keeping Azpi as backup at both RB and LB.

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