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  1. Pulisic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He Never panics on the ball and Mount finishes!
  2. Pulisic isnt in form ... bla bla bla - Sure injury hurt his progress but Lampard did nothing to get him "in form" by playing him out of position to accommodate that which they bet the farm on - Timo Werner. Then Tuchel has essentially done the same giving Pulisic no real opportunity "to get into form" - last of all his front line players. Both coaches have done nothing to get him where he was after the re-start. Ziyech, Werner, Havertz etc - all have been given way too much opportunity relative to Pulisic and haven't done anything to warrant the disparity in minutes. My God .... give Pulisic a start upfront !
  3. Precisely .... Could it be that Lampard and now Tuchel has contributed to Pulisic's lack of form by playing him out of position to accommodate Werner ? For that matter how many other front line players are "out of form" because they too have fallen under the accommodate Werner at costs mentality?
  4. No transition out of the back ! Horrible - I swear I'm watching my daughter's game
  5. Stop passing back - the back line cant handle the pressure. No transition from the back forward
  6. In the post match press conference did Frank say why he didn't start Pulisic? If so, what did he say? Or was he given the pass and not asked the question?
  7. He has a knock you might want to be careful, probably cant go 90, others are training better....
  8. Man it sure looks like that knock was serious and it was right of Lampard to not start Pulisic
  9. Frank after the game -"He had a knock...didnt know if he could go 90, others were training better...bla bla bla bla
  10. WTF - Putting in Pulisic now ? He has a knock you say.....what a joke.
  11. This debacle started with a manager over thinking his tactics - going with 3 in the back. Second up front he has no one who can work direct putting pressure on Liverpools back. Classic case of a manager validating a bad plan and making excuses for not starting his most in form player even if that requires changing formations
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