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  1. Pictures today of Puli back in training with the USMNT. That’s a good sign for him as he recovers from Covid. Hopefully he’ll get some good minutes, avoid injury, and come back to the team ready to put in some good shifts.
  2. We’ve had this conversation about “how is Pulisic going to find playing time” many many times. The reality is that when he is fit and in form he’s undroppable. He always comes back from an injury and manages to work his way back into the team. He could become one of the best in the league. He doesn’t need to worry about any other players on that current front line. Just stay fit and do his thing.
  3. This grouper is not endangered, it’s threatened — a designation which doesn’t prevent sport fishing and which applies to many large game fish around Florida (where I suspect this was taken). Nothing to see here, just an environmentalist group spotting an opportunity to get some clicks using a celeb. I did happen to encounter this critter while diving in the Bahamas two years ago. Massive fish.
  4. He had a pretty quiet game but took the team on his shoulders when it mattered. Won the pen in the second half of extra time and took it with confidence. Game winner. And he somehow managed to stay on the pitch for 130 minutes at altitude. Legendary win against a Mexico side that would trouble many top teams.
  5. Puli going to set another foul record tonight? Nope getting subbed.
  6. Love how Puli is consistently picking up the ball in the middle of the pitch and running straight at them. Should have had 2 assists to add to that goal. We need to keep exploiting that space and speed we have. I'd love to see him use Werner as a decoy once and just try to take it in himself.
  7. Most fouls against a single player in UCL since Messi vs Real Madrid in 2011. Wow.
  8. Pulisic took more fouls tonight than the rest of the team combined. Respect. Hope they had the ice bath ready.
  9. Porto game plan in summary: Don’t let Pulisic turn with the ball.
  10. MOTM performance today. Would have had at least an assist or two with better finishing from teammates. He was given free reign to roam all over the pitch and he really controlled the game in parts. He's definitely looking like his form is returning with that burst of pace and those tricky dribbles. He added to his highlights reel this week and hopefully be brings that swagger back to Chelsea.
  11. Man City star Joao Cancelo makes big claim over Chelsea forward Christian Pulisic: https://www.football.london/chelsea-fc/pulisic-chelsea-cancelo-man-city-20080068 Speaking to Star Sports ahead of City’s trip to Fulham on Saturday evening, Cancelo said of the 22-year-old Blues star: “I usually chat with my colleagues about it. “It may sound strange but, for me, the most difficult winger I have faced in the Premier League is Pulisic from Chelsea. “He is a very skilful and fast player with the ball, with quick dribbles, so for me he is the most difficult winger I have played.”
  12. Pulisic doesn't really light up interviews with his personality, but it seemed a bit odd in one of his recent interviews when he talked about Tuchel. He didn't seem excited to share much about the relationship which made me wonder if he is really that tight with the manager. Tuchel even admitted that his familiarity with Pulisic is probably working against him. The last couple months only raise more questions about the relationship. Tuchel seems to like him as an individual and talent, just not for the shape and style he wants the team to play right now. He's literally one of the last names on the team sheet next to Emerson which is an incredible change. Pulisic's going to come under pressure as a leader on his national team to get consistent minutes before WC qualifiers start in 6 months. His national coach probably has Tuchel on speed-dial. While Chelsea have a number of players on national teams, not many shoulder the sort of expectations Pulisic does on his. That doesn't mean he's more deserving of playing time, but it does explain the spotlight he's currently under and why people need to be patient. Let's see what the next 3 months bring. If he can't get the consistent time he needs to get back in form, he will probably have to go elsewhere on a transfer or loan because his national duties will demand it.
  13. Tuchel noted that he's not actually injured. It's a pre-injury injury. 🙂 In other words, he felt some tightness in a calf and they pulled him out of training to prevent a real injury. It's probably the kind of thing that wouldn't prevent most players from continuing, but given his history they are being ultra cautious. I suppose the thinking is why risk him against the bottom team in the league. Gotta be frustrating for the kid. I'm impressed by the fact that he seems to be pretty transparent with training staff. If I knew that the mention of a little bit of calf tightness were too keep me out of a game, I'm not sure I would say anything.
  14. Let's pretend Pulisic was in top Covid-comeback form right now like the end of the last season. Where would Tuchel play him? The reality is that Tuchel can't really accommodate a player like Pulisic right now given the overall makeup and defensive frailties of the team. I don't think Puli's form is really that bad given the fact that he's been played in a different position half the year and half of the team changed with no preseason. People might point to the Barnsley game, but everyone on the team looked like crap in a game played on a cow-poke field with heavy team rotation and an aggressively-pressing opponent. It's clear that Tuchel is trying to establish some consistency by allowing players like Werner to get into form. He just can't do that with a shape that allows Pulisic (and others) to do the same. I'm sure Tuchel likes Pulisic, heck he gave him his professional start. Tuchel can only play the cards he was dealt and he has to do what's best for the team right now to get results. If Pulisic can't get more consistent playing time I'm sure he will probably push for a trade or loan in the summer. He really doesn't have much of a choice as a national team leader. He's simply too good to not be playing. He won't have a problem finding an opportunity because teams will line up for a 22-year old that has displayed real periods of world-class potential. Maybe Tuchel doesn't really want to play this way and ultimately the shape of the team will change. Either way, players like Pulisic will find a way to play because the game wants them to.
  15. We complain when players take on their man and we complain when they don't. No risk, no reward. Pulisic won two free kicks in dangerous positions (one could have been a pen). He set CHO up for one of the best chances in the match. He was all over the pitch and looked spent and frustrated the last 15 minutes. The biggest difference from last spring? He and the left fullback (typically Chillwell) don't seem on the same page. The team is playing so slow that when Pulisic gets the ball anywhere near the box he is facing defenders three deep. I also wonder if Pulisic is nervous about adding that little extra burst of pace due to his recent injury history. We saw it a month ago though when he scored that blistering goal from Werner's cross.
  16. I'm a past-year forum lurker and also a new Chelsea fan from across the pond. I've followed football for decades since my playing days and have always been a fan of the EPL and Chelsea in particular. I liked the players and team's playing style. I liked the blue uniforms. Once Pulisic moved from Dortmund, I began watching nearly every match -- even the ones at 6am on a Saturday morning. I thought I would share some of my interesting learnings from this past year: What the English call a "draw" is what we would call a "tie". So hearing that teams were engaged in a tie was really confusing at first. And speaking of ties, the idea that you could use the cumulative scores in a tie in a tournament format (UCL) is really smart from a drama standpoint. I never realized that team selection was a big deal and was not known well in advance. In American sports you pretty much always know who is going to play. Derbies are races in the US (like the Kentucky Derby horse race). It's another confusing term for those of us west pond dwellers. The press seem to refer to every first team member as a "Chelsea star". We reserve the star label for the highest performing players. The idea that you could loan out a team member to another team in the same league is astonishing. There would be riots in the streets if teams did that here. The beauty of the relegation system is that it creates excitement at both the top and the bottom of the table. Again, that's a completely foreign concept here. There's a difference between being fit and being match fit. We don't have many team sports where a player would potentially be playing for 90 minutes straight. We've had the equivalent of VAR for many years now so it's interesting to see the EPL trying to make it work. I've got lots of other interesting learnings and I've enjoyed getting to know the team better over the past year. In fact, I was planning to try to fly over for a game this year before covid derailed those plans. It's one of the first things I'm going to do once we can travel again.
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