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  1. Tuchel noted that he's not actually injured. It's a pre-injury injury. 🙂 In other words, he felt some tightness in a calf and they pulled him out of training to prevent a real injury. It's probably the kind of thing that wouldn't prevent most players from continuing, but given his history they are being ultra cautious. I suppose the thinking is why risk him against the bottom team in the league. Gotta be frustrating for the kid. I'm impressed by the fact that he seems to be pretty transparent with training staff. If I knew that the mention of a little bit of calf tightness were too keep me out
  2. Let's pretend Pulisic was in top Covid-comeback form right now like the end of the last season. Where would Tuchel play him? The reality is that Tuchel can't really accommodate a player like Pulisic right now given the overall makeup and defensive frailties of the team. I don't think Puli's form is really that bad given the fact that he's been played in a different position half the year and half of the team changed with no preseason. People might point to the Barnsley game, but everyone on the team looked like crap in a game played on a cow-poke field with heavy team rotation and an aggr
  3. We complain when players take on their man and we complain when they don't. No risk, no reward. Pulisic won two free kicks in dangerous positions (one could have been a pen). He set CHO up for one of the best chances in the match. He was all over the pitch and looked spent and frustrated the last 15 minutes. The biggest difference from last spring? He and the left fullback (typically Chillwell) don't seem on the same page. The team is playing so slow that when Pulisic gets the ball anywhere near the box he is facing defenders three deep. I also wonder if Pulisic is nervous about adding th
  4. I'm a past-year forum lurker and also a new Chelsea fan from across the pond. I've followed football for decades since my playing days and have always been a fan of the EPL and Chelsea in particular. I liked the players and team's playing style. I liked the blue uniforms. Once Pulisic moved from Dortmund, I began watching nearly every match -- even the ones at 6am on a Saturday morning. I thought I would share some of my interesting learnings from this past year: What the English call a "draw" is what we would call a "tie". So hearing that teams were engaged in a tie was really confusi
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