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  1. I believe Frank could be the right man for the job but he needs to accept that due to his inexperience, he may need some more help in team structure, planning and tactics.
  2. Again sorry, but if you look back, whilst happy with the results some fans were saying exactly that. They were concerned even then that all the teams we were beating were in the bottom half but we were unable to beat or really even look like beating any of the top 4.
  3. Sorry, but please do you fact checking better. I said that in the unbeaten run, they did not beat anyone in the top 9. Since that run ended, they have beaten West Ham who are now in 9th position so Chelsea have still not beaten any team in the top 8 this season.
  4. I am sorry but a month ago, it was not perfect but just a reflection of the fixture list. As I said yesterday, Chelsea have not beaten a team in the top 8 places of the PL so how can you possibly expect to achieve top 4 if that were to continue? At the moment, I cannot see any reason why we can expect to beat anyone in the top places.
  5. Chelsea bought players that are used to having space in front of them to attack the opposition. When the team moves slowly forward there is no space for them and they are looking average players because of it. City do play fast football, just watch the Chelsea City first half and watch how they tore through the Chelsea midfield. And Silva due to range of passing skills is the best of the CBs Chelsea have to play that exact game.
  6. It is not splitting hairs, people keep talking about the unbeaten run justifies Frank being given more time. The unbeaten run in the PL is really not anything to shout about when you consider Chelsea this season have not beaten any side in the top 8 positions.
  7. Sorry, I did write Many people keep referring to the unbeaten run before the Everton match to justify a forgiven poor patch. Do you realise that in that run Chelsea did not beat any team that are now in the top 9 positions of the PL! WHU were not part of the unbeaten run. Chelsea beat WHU after losing to Everton and Wolves.
  8. I would like him to succeed but although he has many attributes, he still has a lot to learn. That is why instead of seeing him being dismissed, I wish he would accept that he could learn an awful lot about tactical training and planning by bringing in an experienced coach (not Grant), a specialist in transitions that does not have the other skills that Frank has and has no desire for the top job. I wish he would admit his deficiencies, learn and improve his future.
  9. City, Liverpool and even Leicester for example appear to manage it well.
  10. I believe Frank does need credit for last season in particular but even saying that it was not a normal season. He brought in the younger players and some played very well but as I said it was not a standard season (covid etc.) and Chelsea's points total was much lower than would be normally needed to achieve top 4 and they only did that as other teams dropped points unexpectedly after the restart. Frank got the praise he deserved but the problem is that Chelsea have bought some very good players since and the team is struggling without an identifiable style of playing, even compared to last s
  11. Many people keep referring to the unbeaten run before the Everton match to justify a forgiven poor patch. Do you realise that in that run Chelsea did not beat any team that are now in the top 9 positions of the PL!
  12. They will continue to be unhappy when the team is set up to play to the opposite of their strengths. All 3 signings, Havertz, Werner and Ziyech came from teams that played in quick forward passing styles attacking teams before they had a chance to organise properly. Even when the opposite were organised, they would still look to play between the lines. With Chelsea's passing, square, square, back, square and painfully slow build up they have no chance of being the players they were. Two poor examples from last night: How many times last night did we see the defenders pass amongst themselves, g
  13. Unfortunately I cannot agree with the pressing idea (they used to do it) but it is only half hearted now and some players are not getting involved at all. If you need a reminder, watch the City game again. As for Mount, look at his Opta stats and you will see that when he plays in midfield, he is not involved enough in his defensive work so he appears to drop in and drop out of the game.
  14. I would love to say that the run meant something but look at the teams Chelsea did beatin the PL. Not one can be rated a top side.
  15. With Fulham pushing up, a good team would be ripping them apart.
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