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  1. This is not an option. Clause or nothing, Monchi just said.
  2. Lo sé, era solo de broma. Toda España nos llama Yonkis y Gitanos y nosotros hemos hecho nuestro el lema a modo de broma, los béticos no es que sean gitanos, es que son gitanos nazis XD.
  3. We are known as gypsies, if someone has to scam someone is Sevilla haha D'ya like dags?
  4. City tried to sign Kounde first, Días was the option B. We don’t usually sell our best player in Winter market cause our goals are fighting La Liga, Copa del rey and go further in UCL. Nope. We are surprised for this 50M first bid after Zouma went to WH. You had the yes from the player and just 70M two weeks ago would have been enough. He is not the kind of player we are looking for. He is willing to play for you and the clause is demanded now, a couple of weeks it was €70. Yeap, he has a press conference tomorrow to talk about the market and make a balance. It is strange cause the market is already open, that's why I think any possibility of selling a player is closed. He is out of our market now, we tried it a few weeks ago but we can not go desesperate to the market with a "last minute" face.
  5. Our alternatives are pretty tough right now. Lille won´t let go his best defender just right before the deadline and we don´t want to overpay a player cause the bid is so late. Sevilla wanted to make the deal but we waited for the zouma´s transfer all the summer and the first bid of 50M was ridiculous.
  6. We had it two weeks or three ago. Now it is too late to find replacements.
  7. Monchi doesn't want to release Kounde at least if it is not close to 80M. We tried to deal with Botman and Kamara but those clubs don't want to risk their position too with a deal almost in the last market day.
  8. Koulibaly is older and Napoli wanted like 80-10m. 70 for Kounde is a fair price, PL pays a lot of money for mediocres players, like Kepa or Laporte.
  9. Not now, Madrid will need CB next year, Kounde is french and he could fit in PSG and we make deals with Barca all the time (Alves, Rakitic, Keita, Vidal...)
  10. We could renew his contract or maybe he could goes to PSG, Madrid or Barca next year. Chelsea already know what is requesting Sevilla and they could lost a great player.
  11. 70-75M. Diego Carlos has been the best companion cause is the tough side of our defense and Kounde the smart one. The transfer is happening if Chelsea makes a 70-75M bid, we don’t need to sell any player, we promised to the player a fair sell but with a fair amount too. Less than one year ago we rejected 55M and Otamendi. And this is impossible to acept.
  12. He already defeated him in a UEL final. The situation is like that. Your bid is not enough, €50M is unacceptable for Sevilla and Sevilla has a deadlinr cause we would need to find another CB. Or you take risks selling Zouma and getting cash for a best bid or the deal is almost broken.
  13. He is top 5 CB in Europe. He is very smart in the field.
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