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  1. Suarez is still dangerous. Barca was so dumb to get rid on him
  2. Had a couple times where he could have got caught out but thought better. Liked the way he dove and caught that free kick from Shelvy.
  3. They've been our best pivot over the last 18 months, and really good over the last 5 matches, but we need a need a signature win or two from them - like Atletico and Manu coming up. Chance to prove they're worthy of keeping a world class mid like Kante on the bench.
  4. Hope he starts vs Atletico. Perfect time to show it
  5. Kepa punched that out like my grams, but Christensen kicked Carroll's but in the air.
  6. Kepa made the most out of that slap away save. He could have comfortably caught it on the bounce standing up.
  7. That last one from Kova to Cho would have been great for the 3rd goal.
  8. Tammy just sat there and waited for the challenge instead of shooting right away
  9. The new and improved Kepa came out nice for that one.
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