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  1. Haven't had more than a couple touches in their half for the 1st 15 minutes.
  2. He should start against Citeh. Scored in each of his 4 starts this month for club and country.
  3. TT hustles out at the whistle to give Kepa a big double hi five and a bear hug.
  4. I questioned the Kante for Mount sub. I don't think I'll ever question TT's line-ups / tactics / subs again soon. Guy seems to know what he's doing!
  5. And Kepa. Feeling better about missing Mendy for AFCON watching Kepa come out hard on that Son chance.
  6. Hope TT doesn't wait too long, I'd swap one of those 2 for Timo at the half
  7. Citeh lucky to get a point - Saints looked the better team to me.
  8. I'm lobbying for TT to try a back 4 to get all 4 of them in the starting 11.
  9. Why not both Timo & Rom in the lineup vs Spuds. They seemed to play well together for that few minutes today?
  10. Timo took 2 defenders with him to leave Big Rom wide open
  11. Bit nervy, but yet to concede a goal in open play 4 matches in. Carefree!
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