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  1. I suppose I haven't been a supporter long enough or a London local to have developed a such deep hatred for Arsenal in comparison to Citeh or United. In my 13th season as a Chelsea supporter, Gunners haven't caused me nearly as much pain as those other 2. I don't personally know any Arse supporters, so not a problem for me.
  2. I agree it's tough, but can you really hate Arse / Arteta more than Citeh / Pep ?
  3. Finally got to watch a proper prem match. Gotta give Arse/Arteta serious credit. Hope they can hold off Citeh
  4. Yep, that 3rd goal didn't really even look that hard to pull off. Just a good idea actually executed. We need to remember how to score those team goals
  5. Why not is right. He'll likely score more than Auba & Broja combined the rest of the season. Then offer Leipzig cash and Sterling to get Timo back.
  6. I meant for us. Puli on the left and Hakim on the right seems like our best bet going forward.
  7. Defending was solid - no shots on goal for the barcodes
  8. I'd like to see RLC react a bit quicker to that flick on
  9. Need to figure out how to get a win today. Otherwise our chances of winning the CL are about the same as finishing top-4. KTBFFH
  10. They've been quiet all game. Make some noise for 30 min
  11. Should have been able to steer that one back to Auba,
  12. Worst pen call of the season? Thought for sure they were gonna pull out a yellow on KDB for that ballerina dive
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