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  1. They've shown TT more than Rodgers if it's any consolation. But he's better looking the Rodgers which isn't saying much. Maybe Leicester has better looking supporters?
  2. Predicting Chelsea will improve like the weather
  3. Timo's getting closer, you know he's gonna get one yet
  4. Gotta get a little more on that header, Timo.
  5. Best dippers can hope for is 67 with a draw. We need 4 points from 2 games for 68.
  6. Hope we don't NEED it, but we want it real bad for sure. Already sick to my stomach that we have to pull for utd today.
  7. I don't think he'll go full kit like JT in Munich, but hopefully he'll be there 1st in line for a winners medal.
  8. Not sure which I'd rather see. 1) utd lose their next 4 and finish 3rd befind us. 2) Ole runs the table and Pep loses his next 4 to end up with just another League Cup.
  9. I got unnecessarily nervous when Antonio came back with the brace.
  10. I did not know that, Zlatan vs Ronaldo! I'd really like to watch but rotating the Mother's Day schedule may be costly.
  11. Fortunate Benrahma couldn't finish that nice cross. Probably better for the Mancs to win. They'll still be trying against Foxes and Dippers to get within 4 of Citeh before Citeh play Newcastle Friday.
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