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  1. Hope we don't loan him out next season as we've needed some more pace in the middle of the park for a while. I also wonder if we'll go in for Bony given the great connection the pair obviously had at Vitesse. Great to see the club moving in the right direction this summer.
  2. End of Watch is a very decent film, watched it earlier, wasn't expecting much in all honesty but it surprised me a lot and was hugely entertaining. Also it didn't hurt that Anna Kendrick was in it! In the past week also saw Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite which was brilliant and definitely one of his best newer films.
  3. Watching the Liverpool U21 game he looks unreal, different class in reality and has changed the game since coming on. It was 3-0 at half-time and it's now back to 3-3.
  4. Hopefully both of them going out could benefit them in terms of settling in etc.
  5. Guessing the Thorgan signing might have been a sweetener in the Eden transfer. Still certainly not a bad player to have on the books and will not take up a squad space due to his age.
  6. If we were looking at a right back to bring in now we're letting Bosingwa go I'd say that Lille's Debuchy would be a great signing. Apparently Newcastle are interested in bringing him in too though. He would be relatively cheap at £7-8m and is 26 so relatively young. He was also one of Lille's best performers when they won the League last year and is probably going to be France's first choice right back for the Euro's as he has been given the number 2 shirt.
  7. I got a couple but my phone's pretty sh*t so they don't look too great. The stages and fire that they had were unreal though. Never seen anything like the things they were using. Felt absolutely dead after the last few Niggas In Paris but it was worth it lol. Also I thought I heard someone doing the Zigger Zagger when everyone was waiting to get into the underground station afters
  8. How did you find it pal? Probably my favourite gig ever to be honest. Was right at the front of standing, started queuing at 3ish though to be fair.
  9. http://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/photos/large/582011900.jpg?key=640820&Expires=1337376818&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIYVGSUJFNRFZBBTA&Signature=yN2R20n7CZxBJxbwKnTq6Tr5cHHpLBXO3wU4VrJ7eviRuLVxsgD8upZypPC~rO90P2We~35aSe18itNk-AjnP8qabOXIiP6RKj783-8wzfi3KVbd6NeHmphtTOuclb4GjDMmF3WgsYqGxdWX1mcYt5VUIvY~HBXdKsyZ9gQKoj4_ The Mirror's back page tomorrow reports that Bertrand will start.
  10. Not too sure what to make of it just heard it announced on Sky Sports News. Seems like it will be his first major game.
  11. Do you mean the set list for it? Yeah that looks quality looks like a decent spread of solo stuff as well as things from the album. I wonder if they will alter it from what they performed on the American tour.
  12. Yep the 22nd, I'm standing for it I think. Can't wait!
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