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  1. The team setup was very much based out of what happened in the second half against Tottenham. We went from struggling to dominating after Kante replaced Mount and Werner replaced Havertz. Against City 3-4-3 would have been a better choice, but without intensity, wich we lacked today, we would have still struggled.
  2. I've given up on him a while ago to be honest and we have plenty of choices for his position that are far better, I just hope we can recover our money that we spent on him next summer.
  3. The game was over when Kante came on and we started playing 3-5-2, completley took over the midfield. Spuds was stupid enough to continue to try and press us high and gave us alot of space to attack. I think 3-5-2 might be a good options to use against City as well, save 3-4-3 for the weaker teams.
  4. Kante and Werner would give us alot more control. it would force Tottenham to give up their press and not leave such huge spaces in behind.
  5. Doubt there will be a halftime change, but if Havertz don't improve alot, then put Werner on for him.
  6. Havertz loosing almost all the duels, if he could just be 10% more aggresive and determind he would win most of them. There is so much room to counter in and we have had plenty of chances to do so, but the decision making for the final pass is just dreadful.
  7. Mendy have had some ongoing issues with his hip, it sucks that we loose him for this game.
  8. I think he could have done a job in putting them under pressure high up the pitch, not allowing them to waste time passing it among themself in their defence and maybe force some mistakes if they tried. Ziyech just stood there watching them and couldn't be bothered to press. Werner is also alot better to drag defenders with him and create space for others, because he is constantly moving. It was far to static in our attack at times yesterday, almost no movement off the ball.
  9. Mason had an off day yesterday, but he is still by far our best AM. He creates over twice as many chances compared to Havertz, Pulisic and Ziyech, think he was number 4 or 5 in the league last season. He is alot more involved in our linkup play compared to the others and still have a higher pass accuracy %. He also does by far the most defensive work in our attack, with his pressing and ball recovery high up the pitch. In my opinion Mount and Lukaku are my prefered options in attack, with Havertz and Werner rotating for that third spot. Pulisic can also compete if he can discover his best form. Ziyech have been poor and is my current 5th choice.
  10. Mount needs to do things alot more simple, guilty of taking one to many turns today and left his passing boots at home. Some great pressing and ball recoverys though. Ziyech not good enough, I would pick Werner 10 out of 10 times over him. Thank god Lukaku is on fire.
  11. Hopeing Werner for Ziyech swap at half time. Press them high and don't allow them to play out from the back, because they are happy to pass among themself in their own half to run down the clock.
  12. Mount is at least pressing and winning the ball back at times, what is Ziyechs positives? Ziyech looks like he is going into the duels with a handbag, can't be asked to press, takes to long time on the ball and his passes/shots is hitting Zenit players.
  13. I would have started with Werner instead of Ziyech, hopefully Werner and Chilwell get 30min-45min today.
  14. I'm sure there will be plenty of rotation between Mount, Havertz and Werner with two games per week. Pulisic, with his injury problems and Ziyech are 4th and 5th choice.
  15. I think "just dawdling about" is a good description of what I saw from Saul. There was more then one time a Villa player would jog into a dangerous position outside our 18 yard box from midfield, with Saul almost alongside him the entire time.
  16. He is struggling at wingback, not suprised Tuchel was screaming at him since his positioning was way off. He didn't improve much when he was move into Havertz position either. He might get another chance against Aston Villa in the cup, but for Zenit I believe it will be Reece and Tottenham Azpilicueta.
  17. I just couldn't stand that workrate off the ball, some missplaced passes I can forgive, but he didn't look botherd at all to recover the ball, or cover space & players.
  18. Not that hard to improve really, just limit the minutes of Saul, CHO and Ziyech.
  19. Thank god it was just a loan, hopefully we try and get Kessie in january or next summer.
  20. When I said jogging I was beeing kind, I wish I had the gifs ready to show you all the times he was just letting Villa players jog into dangerous positions close to him.
  21. It's not that hard to understand that you need to sprint back and cover a free player and not just jog at half intensity behind him. I would swap him at half time, he has been creating 80% of the chances for Villa so far.
  22. Martinez probably going to have Lukaku play all 3 Belgium games for almost 90 minutes, hate that guy. Could have subbed him off after 3-0 at 65 min today.
  23. I would play the best possible team against Villa and rotate players for Zenit. Mendy Chalobah-Christensen-Rudiger Azp-Jorginho-Kovacic-Alonso Havertz-Mount Lukaku
  24. I'm hoping we try to get Franck Kessie before the transfer windows closes. 1 year left on his contract and still haven't signed a new one.
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