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  1. Chi, great post. Mr Pennant would never say good things about us, hes West Ham. Remember East London was full of people who thought they were the real cheeky chappie hard nut Londoners. Trust me i have seem Mr Pennent and the big BG deny they were West Ham when playing us and beg to be let out from the front of the Shed. We always had the best London mob, just there was 7-6 diffrent mobs,we never were that organised. We gave it to everyone for many years other than West ham.......why i dont know till the lTe seventys early eighties when we gave it to em back at upton park. That bloody corner f
  2. Carsholton we all have our opinions and we are entitled to them........some vote out of europe others to stay in it is all about opinions. I may well be wrong with greaves, everytime j saw him with the scouse sweatyon their football programme it was always Spurs this Spurs that and i hate N17 even worse than Arsenal, scousers,mancs, pikeys from the east, geordies Welsh, celtic sweatys. South London pikeys,anyone who aint Chelsea......Though funny thing is i lke N17s manager even though he is an Argie. Chelsea i love more than anything and soon will be visiting Stamford Bridge again.
  3. Carshalton an absolutly tremendous post. In my family i have two elder brothers me and the eldest were the "herberts" the middle one watched the football and joined in only when he had too. I loved to join in first but also loved anything Chelsea South West london is all that matters and Chelsea Football club, the rest of london is was and always will be shall we say "unclean." Please dont put Bates on a pedestal he wanted to kill us. He did not have to put up with police beating you for no reason in any part of this country or abroad, we got "what was coming to us" in his mind though I
  4. Ewell you are spot on. Once Chelsea always Chelsea. The biggest one who forgot were he come from was Jimmy Greaves, quite what Chelsea done to him we will never know. If he wants to opnly praise N17 must be a very lonely person or a stout religous man.
  5. Blimey, is this "Fulham old bills" way of nicking you 40 years after the events ?
  6. Peter osgood the king. I must tell my tale of The King. Anyway one of the early days at the new St Marys a work colleague who also done a bit of "master of ceremonys work in the "terry paine suite" at st marys knew i was "old school Chelsea". Though he knew i detested anything in Red (especially those scummy ones in hampshire) said be my guest at the Chelsea game. I jumped at the chance, never get tickets now my Chelsea want the tourists and yuppies now, who can blame them. Anyway we arrived outside ground to park where the players do to be greeted by "ladies of the night" act
  7. Ossie the king of my chelsea.........Chelsea i will love you always till the day i die....born in 66 ki had no choice but to be Chelsea due to elder brother.....i thank him for that everyday ,Ossie will always be my king.....oh the fun we used to have....hoolifan sort of gets it for me.. ossie keep putting em in past Pat Jennings.....RIP.
  8. Spot on.Charley is the best we have and he runs at people, needs time with a conditioning coach which i cant believe Chelse have not sorted........please bring John or Frank to run the kids, the development manager (in my view) is not up to it.
  9. With all these young players remember only a couple are seriously being looked at. What amazes me is why they are not taught passion and what Chelsea Football club is all about. This season the crop of kids are not as good as the previous years, so chances of any breaking into the first team are little if not zero. I also blame this on the coaching, though to be fair Jody Morris is ideal. A Frnk Lampard or Zola would also be good to be in charge of the kids over all. Then we can play like the first team, not like how we were playing under Jose. Long and short of it we need a real Che
  10. I hope he is back for first team action.....out of all the kids over the last few years , this is the only one who looks good enough......hope his injury is a just a red herring as this kid is class.
  11. The film starting on the west stand round to finally finish in the beloved shed........fantastic..love the piano music reminds me my Chelsea is dead.....oh the fun..the end of the game scrapping with other skins to get me piss soaked laces back.......running west ham when they came up the back from the west stand and were crying to get out at the front begging the old bill....those were the days........gary johnson...no wonder he didnt score many....... Still its a new chelsea now, i will always love Chelsea more than the wife and kids, chelsea was first. Blue is the Colour...Carshal
  12. This boy does look very good.Keep your feet on the ground and work on the Big Heart and work rate...The new Frankie.
  13. Welcome to The Shed End Londons Finest :)

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