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  1. Magic Soul.......Love Ska, northern Soul, raggae even black Disco. Ex skin have to best music in the world. Of course will listen and love Madness, Specials The Jam though Paul Weller very gifted a bit too political. Style Council and very underestemated Bad Manners.
  2. Ddr they aint Cockneys. You do not follow Northern teams.............Beer up north i found sh*te, loved lager- guinness and a bottled lager......bottle always came in handy. My opinion they followed Northern sides as they were glory hunters.
  3. Was very easy. The clubs always wanted your money. Just put on a northern accent and got tickets.....They all knew who we were.
  4. Abraham no........James no. Not quick enough and showed his brain aint up to it after the whistle against Denmark, same goes for Chelsea.........Mount Definatley this boy is and will be class, he should be playing with Grealish in Englands midfield. sorry about the spelling. Comprehensive school education and given up my day job of Bamber Gasgoigne double.
  5. Kermit the frog.........superb. I agree we sent agent Jose in and i feel they detected a problem as just when we could have got em relegated they kicked him out. Hopefully with the North London Scum he will succed in his mission of "make em die" This Man U fella knows his football so welcome to the site. Though to this day anyone South of Watford why do they follow Northern teams ?
  6. Thankyou Bluehaze.....Hope we meet for a drink soon ?
  7. Bluehaze.. E14 is that orient.? You are a real gent......squire.
  8. Bluehaze have said this twice so you read it. Read my posts again i have not said anything of the sort. Ill have some of what your on......stay in N17 son.
  9. Bluehaze i will have some of what your on.......I have never said anything your suggesting. You sure you aint from N17.?
  10. Dkw, some could say your answer is also...........opinions hey. Argo is it Gareth Southgate ?
  11. Awful Finish by Mount yesterday !
  12. Valerie no.....its like your football team. Your brought up with one though i live in a Tory area in the south. I agreed to coming out of europe and Iam propably closer to the Tories than labour. Though can never forget how evil Thatcher was. I even voted labour at last election and Corbyn is a million times worse than Trump ( my opinion) went to the station to vote Tory just could not bring meself to do it. Did vote ukip under Farage though u w never again as we are out of Europe. Will gladly give Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland back to themselves. My flag is the cross of St Geo
  13. Valerie fair play. He should of been pushed by us he was the better player than James always was. I have watched both play the smaller lad is by far the better player always looked it. Jody Morris i believe got this one wrong. i never knocked Lamptey, read the posts again . Loyaty was aimed at Declan Rice saying his love for Ireland and his family roots, then all of a sudden he came English again. Why because of lack of loyalty and greed. To be fair to the lad he got wrong advice. Though shows use your own mind, dont be a sheep.
  14. Thatcher was pure evil......fist thing she did when she came on the cabinet was take away free milk. Evil women who did set family against family in them small mining towns which to this day still has massive anti on both sides. Just cause we were lager drinking softies from down south does not mean we cant comment. Bluehaze you were " bang" out of order. What the second world war was fought for.
  15. Why ? Do you have to come from North of Watford to have an opinion......whats more an unbiased one. What gives you the right to tell people what they can and cant say ? Are you the Italian secret police ?
  16. Or dkw.......GREED. Gol 15 i hope he does go to Arsenal will slow them right up. I agree about Rice, again my opinion total waste of time. Play Kante in front of the back 4 in the Makalale roll. Thats his position. We are not good enough at the back all the time James and Christiansen are in it as well as Alonso to have the luxury of a dead slow player in Jorginhio. Franks still learning this team will be good. Opinions hey.....though fantastic debate.
  17. In one word LOYALTY. Thankyou Bisright you " damn fine chap"
  18. Sorry Axman..... Liverpool were and are the best in English football ( hate to say it) they deserved the title..... we will be good enough,just the side needs to gell. In Frank i trust. He just needs to use his head more not his heart.
  19. Thank you for your correction......my opinion....... Thank you for your English lesson also....blame it on a comprehensive school education........ Not like you lovely private school chaps..... Im only working class.....mear cannon fodder.
  20. I feel we dont need him. Turned his back on Ireland to be English again, no dont need him. Kante is pure class playing in front of the back four. If wevare going to buy get Lamperty back from Brighton. We need a right back who is quick and defend and attack with the ball at his feet. Not kick it sideways or backwards ( theyve all watched Ray Wilkins videos.....only jesting). Lamperty can also cross watched the kids at Aldershot for years. The only thing Lamperty didnt do was open his mouth alot. Feel it was Jody Morris got this one wrong.
  21. Milton Keynes. Im with you on this one. Not a massive Legend. Great talent, shame about the being runover. Come on the Mears family or Bates ran him over..........one to many Alan you are bitter. Though thank you for being Chelsea. Shame about the Liverpool comment. Alan you have to look in a mirror to see were the problem is.
  22. Bonetti, in the days when you could spell your teams surnames. Bonetti was the hardest. Rip Peter a true Chelsea Legend.
  23. Drove up for that Mansfield game. A draw if iremember.mid week game or was it league cup ?. Ddr they maybe scabs, they were only trying to feed their families. Thatcher was the evil one set you al against one another.
  24. Frank will be our best manager, his heart is Chelsea his head has to be too. He wants to beat Tottenham. christianson should never play again , Zouma and Tomari are better. ( frank Mistake) Kante is class in front of the backs ((Frank mistake) Alonzo has gone (rather have emmerson) (frank mistake) Haverets (However you spell it) is class just cant defend ( frank working on this) Werner is class (not use to pace of English game or his position (frank working on) hudson Odoi sorry wont turn up on a wet night at Millwall (get rid) Jorginhio (get rid why our pass
  25. You lot never went to Rotherham or a cold wet night in deepest South London. Frank is the bollocks.....he has to play that useless Dansish idiot as our best centre back is injured. Christiansen has never done amything for Chelsea. Whats more he cant head a ball.....come on CHELS.
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