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  1. We were and always will be Chelsea first. When you want tickets, pubs to drink in get to know em. As i said it did not stop us knocking hell out of each other when our beloved Chelsea was involved
  2. Ddr yes, we did have a connection with Wednesday. A certain well known Surrey Lad knew them. What i saw and met of them they were alright. I cant remember how the connection came about. Though they did get us tickets for up their in their seats and lets just say the two coach loads,one from London and one from Surrey were not up their for a picnic and not many of us returned.
  3. Not sure if mentioned previous one of the old guard recently died. He has a just giving page so he is and always will be part of the Chelsea family. Will only give his first name as Bill. Sorry not certain what he died off though he was one of us.
  4. Does Carshalton Blue still come on here?. Enjoyed his posts only 200 off 1000 on a thread he started....... Though a few pictures have been on here once or twice !
  5. Happy Carefree days. Bluehaze has it been posted before ? Only joking mate we all will and have died for Chelsea.
  6. Rising Sun, was how we were. Bluehaze have you got copyright on this ?........Which ones Danny ?
  7. Bluehaze. I dont feel Rising sun is incorrect. Its not political debate its FACT.
  8. Loved the picture of the guy in red braces in the middle of the shed and the two with glasses at the front. the red braces guy reminded me of a Chelsea fan of old. His name was Bill. Every game hed have his back to the game "gassing to yer". He was a skin from the late 60s early 70s. Always wore sta prest black doctor martins and fred perry even in the late 70s early 80s and even when it was freezing,though his hair and beard had grown. Does anyone know what happened to him ? he was from like alot of us north east hampshire. the two with the glasses........just has to be undercover
  9. not 1070Ersk, which one is William the Conqueror ? look at the mini bus picture at the bridge........must admit did not realise the internal combustion engine was invented in 1070. Thought it was a german chap called Daimler in his garden shed in Stuttgart in the late 1800s. Learning every day.
  10. Why were Millwall fans wearing face masks ? Corona Virus ? Hickey sent a lovely short film about how brave Millwall were in the 70s..
  11. Luis nice of you to come on here. who do you support ? why do you want to know about "skulls being cracked " ?
  12. Loads of stories to tell. This one is the best as it involves our good friends from N17. Used to go to football and we used to lets just say "steam into" the ground without paying home or away. Courtesy of someone printing very good look alike tickets for the top of the East stand.. Normal games no one noticed. Big games. 300 odd extra had the old bill scratching their heads. Anyway one year at n17 we got there early walked round 5 of us for a bit and noticed at the paxton end a turnstile was open no one on it. The 5 of us jumped the turnstile, last one over was noticed. We split up
  13. Times change........us dinosaurs will stilll turn up for the special games. Liquidator is fantastic. Though for the right song will go ,us ex Chelsea Skins will moarn the day.. BLUE IS THE COLOUR...,...........Always has been always will be. Ossie and co will never die thats our song.
  14. Nothing wrong with the North Stand away terrace, other than cover what was wrong with it ? The Shed was the same with a tiny little roof.so I am unable to get your point. Southampton at the old Dell was the worst, crap ground could not see a thing anywhere you went. Tottenham you never knew which was the away end every London side including ourselves would kick em out of it so they kept moving around......with 3 tiers it was easy for them to hide in the Shelf.
  15. I only remember "Blue is the colour" and Liquidator thats real Chelsea. Being a late 70s early 80s Skinhead Madness one step beyond at the end of games and also "Blue day"by Suggs. Some Northern Soul would go down well for us oldies .
  16. Rui fariri (however you spell it) our next manager. For gods sake roman get rid of the Yank and the lady. Get a coach that can pick his own players and whats more pay the money for the best British players. The europeans their heart aint in it, even though the special one has well gone past his sell by date thats the one main thing he got right.
  17. What a night at city on that 2-0. So many young golfers in the crowd!!!!!!!!!. What a mob that night,good job we won. Loved the flag that states something along the lines of" Tottenham here we come". Long walk back from Euston that night to South London. Every cabbie did not want to go south of the river. Thats arsenal fans for you.
  18. Chi.....we are not sad. Chelsea FC means more to me than the wife and kids,whats more they know it.....Chelsea dont want to know us know but what memorys. Hoolifan was spot on. Blue is the colour.
  19. The gypsies from the east did come in numbers round by the bovril. They did smash some old Oaps and kids. We were all on the whitewall waiting for em, they always loved coming up the stairs. Anyway by the time we got over to the bovril the 14 year olds had already ran the gypsies out....they knew were we were and did not want it..
  20. I am with bluehaze on this one. Bates was never real Chelsea. It was a business and power tool for him thats all he did not love Chelsea like us,it really is in the blood, not sure what he really had in his.......still looks like he mad a few bob looking at the size of his belly......diffrent opinions Carshalton we all have our own.
  21. Must admit shame about "old square ball" hope he gets well soon. Even when he went to the Mancs he was always CHELSEA.
  22. Carshalton, first of all thankyou for starting this thread its fantastic. Even Chelsea brothers have differences Uncle ken was not born Chelsea. When i say kill, i mean electric fences. Chi is correct he did do alot for us. When you want to electrify your own fans. When you get left in sweden after paying huge prices to Chelsea FC to get there write letter of complaint and get tol d"tough" then you know who is real CHELSEA. Like i said difference of opinion. Keep up the good work.
  23. To be fair he did save us. Once a northener always a northener same with the Americans. The Russian has certainly put "his money were his mouth is " to me Good old uncle ken tried to kill us (instead of listening to us ) though thank the heavens for bank of Scotland and MH.
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