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  1. Dkw, have watched both over a number of years at Alde rshot. You have your opinion i have mine. In my eyes Fat Frank and Jody got this one wrong.
  2. Yes that 7-2 at Arysome park was indeed very very tasty ,survived stood though took a few ri ght handers and kicks.
  3. Whats worse i was at both.....and sc**thorpe wigan shrewsbury etc...........loved it. It was my Chelsea.
  4. Their first album.....fantastic album. Very political but to me the words as now were spot on.
  5. Of course ultimate music before west ham, millwall tottenham and arsenal games home or away just managdtobget you in the mood.
  6. another great tune.....watch out for the wrinkleys.......did you see Olive from on the buses on the previous video. wigan casino great nights especially after away games. Alot of top boys from other clubs went also, no hassle at all. Yet in some cases 2 hours earlier you were bashing hell out of each other. Northern Soul was and still is fantadtic. Keep the faith.
  7. Quite often watch Fulham now as you can get a ticket. Have a soft spot for them as they are the other less known team in Fulham.. Chelsea is my love. Never had a problem with Fulham or hassle as they dont have the greatest mob, enough to give QPR a go thats about it. Besides they did anything when we went back to school they would of got an hiding.
  8. Strider.....The lad we let go to Brighton is better than James. His crossing is better he is so much quicker and does not get done on his inside or outside like Reece does. One thing Reece is better is taking it on his chest and controlling when under pressure. To me Frank or Jody got it wrong releasing the lad to Brighton. Watched th em both for years at Aldershot.
  9. Well we did not lose........ Frankie boy i love you. Though you have to grow a pair.....get that number 5 out of the side and send him to n17. Ngolo is class though he does not have a clue what to do were he is. He should be playing were that idiot Jorgihio is. Mason Mount our best player should be first name on team sheet, . United were and are pooh, there for the taking and we kicked it sideways and backwards more times than Ray Wilkins ( ie the crab ). Come on Fat Frank. Positives Silva....pure class. Mendy also quality . Send Kepa on loan to somewhere he deserves lots of teams on Hackney marshes will have him ( his level). Reece James looked good with Azpi though needs to attack more. I still believe the lad we let go to Brighton is better. Still blue is the colour.
  10. Mcguire is toilet. Timo is too nice wind him up hes a brain dead.
  11. Well what is Jorginhio doing ? Mount our best player should be in there more attack we will walk it. Come on chelsea give it to em. Havertz is looking lost he needs a few more steaks and Guinness.
  12. Now if you have a copy of this.........worth a few bob..........the memorys.
  13. Ddr......the bobby sands one brings back many memorys. Before Rangers Chelsea had a link with Hearts in Scotland. Again for political reasons, anyway Remember these two Hearts fans singing for ever and ever about what supper the Finnian.......... Was going to have.
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