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Drogba & Anelka

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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As Scolari believes we need a left-winger for 4-4-2 and considers Malouda the only one in or squad, I just don't see it happening.

I do have a question for Scolari though, what are Kalou and Sinclair if they are not strikers also? (referring to the Di Santo rift)

P.S. : The article is a really interesting read though.

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This BBC graphic makes clear that it's Anelka who's to blame for us being crap v the other top(ish) teams:


And this stat confirms how crap Anelka was v Arse:

In this season's encounter where Chelsea lost 2-1 at home (near left), Anelka took 44 touches with just seven in the penalty area, suggesting he received the ball less in dangerous areas.

I commented at the time when Drogba came on that Anelka played far too deep, and was useless in his distribution.He looked totally clueless about how to play off DD. So either he was following BFS's instructions to drop into midfield, or BFS is correct when he says Anelka can't play with DD, probably because he doesn't have the brain to do so.

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Out of Desperation, Scolari did play Anelka and Drogba together, e.g. Fulham, West ham etc. Therefore in a way it did work for us, he just not feeling comfortable with it. I can't see us getting the first goal against Man United , if either one of them play alone. Vidic and Rio will deal with either pace or power, not sure if both at the same time. If we are chasing the game, Scolari will be forced to play 2 of them at the same time. Then why the hell we dont play them together in the first place? :lol:

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