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utd lucky again

The Brit

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haven't seen any posts regarding tonight's game (but move if there is)...utd were average again tonight and yet still won...very frustrating...when will their luck run out? van der sar showed tonight how his clean sheet record was all about the defenders in front of him rather than his skills as a keeper cos he made an absolute howler to help put newcastle in front...but newcastle gave away a shocker to lose the game...it's amusing to hear utd still being praised as this great team when they're grinding out the kind of wins which had the same people accusing us of being boring, effective, enemy of football etc

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Well, their defensive record was damn impressive while it lasted, as was ours a few years back. But lets face it, the media's distaste for us was never about our style of play. It was a combination of jealousy and the swagger Jose gave us. People didnt like it, so they went after us for whatever they could, pathetic bar stewards.

At the end of the day, though, its all about silverware, style be damned, and its insane the United have become a completely different type of team this year. Since Ronaldo has started to look human, they made it more about a tight midfield and a rigid defense, rather than battering teams to death with wing play. And they have had luck, no doubt, but the wins you are seeing them getting is the kind of thing that will, hopefully, make our owner stand up and take note: World class players are not cheap, but they win games and get points with moments of brilliance. I know they are all about financial balance in the coming years, but to be a title winner you need to have the kind of talents to turn a game. We used to have those kind of players in abundance, but could do with a few more of them now

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So anyway goalkeeper`s cleansheet is a kind of the product strongly depending on quality of defenders.

I think it`s true for every goalie, including Van Der Sar and Cech.

As for United, I don`t know what on mind of those who watched 30 EPL seasons, but for me it`s difficult to say if it`s about luck.

I can agree with TheWestwayWonder. Quality players give quality results with luck or without it.

Which other team has such strikers as Utd:





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its true you get the luck you deserve but last night newcastle didnt deserve to lose like that. they were by far the better team in the 1st half and equally as good ni the 2nd. both utd golas owed a lot to fortune but maybe the 2nd was more own to pathetic defending. i see they got another decision go there way, how vidic`s assault wasnt a red ill never know.

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I thought exactly the same thing Brit. Last night was one of those games where everything went their way, and they must know their name's on the trophy now.

If only Martins had made it 2-0, we might, just might, be talking up our chances a bit more...

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Reports of a bust up between Rooney and Ronaldo and Steven Taylor.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney were involved in a furious half-time tunnel bust-up with Newcastle defender Steven Taylor during Manchester United's 2-1 win at St James' Park. One United player said Taylor was a "useless defender", to which he replied "at least I am not ugly". (Various)


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