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CFC Art Thread


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Okay, now I've switched to Mac, I haven't got Paint Shop Pro anymore :P But i do have Photoshop, and now I've watched a few tutorials, I can finally continue doing the saturation technique I like doing. This is my first attempt doing it the "new" way, so it isn't perfect, but once I get used to it, hopefully they'll improve (in fact I can see a couple of bits I missed, but I'm just so bloody happy I can do them again ::ChElSeaFLag:: )

From yesterday:


That little grey bit on Cech's shirt is there in the original, no idea what it is.

PS - thought this could be the place everyone shows off their art, or if you have any requests.

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That is brilliant, Gem!

Perhaps the grey bit on Cech's shirt is part of someone's arm?

I've just seen the tagline under your avatar. Are you sure you're doing it the right way? Maybe you need more practice?

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I spent hours on this. It's my ode to our hero Petr Cech. :snegurochka:


That's gorgeous! Gem's are so professional looking that one admires, but doesn't aspire to copy! But I want to make one like yours! Perhaps it would be within my capabilities?

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Guest bigjockknew

These are brilliant - really enjoyed looking at them, keep it up. Are you going to do some for the CL semi and cup final?

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Cheers :) Way ahead of ya :coffeespit:

First, one from yesterday again:


Then from the first leg of the quarter final, I've played about with the hue on a couple of these, so the kit looks utlra blue ;) :







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good thread- should be fun to keep it going.

here is my "best" work from a while ago. I wish I was good with photoshop.

kerry dixon with the topography effect- which I used to cover up the fact that the picture was rubbish


a true demonstration of how far my talents go as an artist and a satirist. (yes, I'm rubbish)


dunno why I thought this would be funny at the time


why wenger is a waiter here I don't know. was supposed to be serving sour grapes I think, but at least it's hand drawn.


the only good one here, playing with the same sort of thing gem used for her pics, although the blue could be darker. was a pretty light kit anyway in my defence.


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Thanks for the comments all :) this is one of JT yesterday beating Walcott, but made all of him in colour rather than just the kit


Plus some others from yesterday:




LOVE the Hiddink one!!!

And the 2nd Ivanovic v Liverpool one!!

Keep them coming, they're awesome :)

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No no no, he means that the boys we're drawing are brilliant.

As in - these are brilliant boys- rather than -these are brilliant, boys-


Ah, the importance of the comma!

But, wait a minute - there was a picture of Arsene Wenger in there - don't tell me MHedges was describing HIM as a "brilliant boy"! I'd almost rather he had somehow engineered a gender swap for Gem!

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