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Players one yellow away from suspension


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Ballack,Lampard,Anelka and Alex.

Out of four I'd say losing Alex would be the least problematic. While hes done quite well this season, Carvalho may still make it back before the season ends and Ivanovic is a CB also.

Anelka may have been more anonymous in the second half of the season than I'd want him to be but he's still a top quality striker and our second best option upfront after Drogba.

Lampard. No need to say anything further.

Ballack is everybody's favorite scapegoat but for all his flaws he's very important player who has loads of experience of playing at the top level and does a lot of work that goes unnoticed.

Overcoming Barca will require a major effort and there'll be a few yellows in the match I'm sure. I just hope we'll get lucky and won't lose anybody through suspension.

If it was up to me, I'd wipe the slate clean for every player after the semifinals. It's only fair that two teams that were good enough to make it to the final would field their strongest lineups in the end to decide who's best.

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ballack and alex are likely to get booked again. alex will have a tough time of it again and ballack has been incredibly dirty of late

hopefully no one misses the final through a booking. would be heart wrenching to do so and i wouldn’t wish it upon anyone (apart from ballack ::clap2::)

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ive always thought this was a ridiculous rule. any player getting 2 yellows over the semis should still be available for the final, especially when you consider how easy it is to get booked nowadays. a straight red should always be a ban, but not 2 yellows over 2 games.

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i think alex would be a big loss if he were to get booked in the second leg and we made the final,

riccy c is not 100% fit and as looked a little off the pace when he has played of late

i dont think anelka would be missed, i'm not sure about ballack as somethimes he can be awesome

no need mention how much lamps would be missed

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