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What a prize ...


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... glory hunter. Probably a wind-up but who cares.

Yes finally, after carefull consideration and being a die hard Liverpool fan since 1979, I have decided enough is enough!

After season after season with mediocre results, and less and less trophies - I have finally discovered the truth. In 1979 I did a big mistake, and started supporting the wrong team - don't ask me why - but do not call me a glory hunter, but like great players in the past, like Michael Owen, Sol Campbell to mention a few it is only right for a "real fan" like me, to also be able to enjoy some success, because I am not getting any younger!!!

Yes Manchester United here I am coming, so please embrace me warmly, glory glory Man United - please do not let me walk this road alone!!!

It took some time for me to finally come to my senses, but now knowing you will equal Liverpools record of 18 league championships I need no longer worry of still supporting the "best team" in the country.

Honestly why should I suffer season after season, watching Liverpool fail season after season in the league? I am not getting any younger, and I want to feel again how it is to be supporting the best team in the country, the world!

And anyway it will not change much, nearly same colour shirts, I can just buy a Man U club badge and sow over my LFC badge. It is with a heavy heart I make the transfer down the M62- have not been there very often - but I do hope to in the future to see much more of you live, just like I watched Liverpool on a magical night in Istanbul in 2005.

I am sure I am coming to a club with proven track record for success, and soon again I will be singing every May over new trophy hauls after another season after season of greatness.

And it's not like I do not know much about Manchester United, I am sure I will fit in perfectly with you fans - it is a sad day for me to leave Liverpool FC, but after such terrible leaders as Houllier, Evans and Souness - I felt now I had come to the end of the road. Rafa is a nice teddy bear, but I prefer Fergie the red whiskey nose - because not only has he got the players working for him, he also has the fans and refs firmly stuck in his pocket.

The Refs always secure us with at least 10 points extra a season - it is sad, because if Rafa had just managed to win us the title this season I would not have instigated this transfer.

I am sure there are many of you here who will try to turn my head around, make me change my mind, but I am afraid there is no turning back now - the trophies at the "Theatre of Demons" are just to much of temptation.

At least I never need to watch another season of players like Ngoggg, Lucas, DeganWho, and worry if my club can afford to buy Barry at 39 years, and some other unknown wannabe who wants to come and collect huge payday - I have already orderd my new Man U shirt, with name of my new greatest player, GoneAldo!

So please all you LoverPool fans wish me the best of luck as I am now joining a club of proven Winners. Anyone want to bet who will have most trophies next season?? HA HA, finally I am going to be supporting the number one club in the land again - uhh!

Dedicated to Cockney Reds everywhere.

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I felt now I had come to the end of the road. Rafa is a nice teddy bear, but I prefer Fergie the red whiskey nose - because not only has he got the players working for him, he also has the fans and refs firmly stuck in his pocket.

I'm pretty sure this is a windup... :P

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100% a wind up. Fergie has the refs and fans in his pocket? I will fit right in because I dont know anything about them? It wasnt even really a funny wind up because there were about 2 jokes in the whole thing.

Anyway, it brings up an interesting point. The changing of the guard (potentially) at title #18. Over at RAWK (aka the open sewer of online dipper support) some are convincing themselves that a title won during World War II should actually be added to their count, making it 19 to Man U's 17. Oh yes, the panic is setting in

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