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Anniversary of Heysel disaster


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Strange how this anniversary tends to get overlooked, particularly on Merseyside. I remember watching this game on TV in a London pub full of Chelsea fans, and our growing disbelief and horror as the death toll kept rising.

My thoughts go out to all the family's of the bereaved.

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I was a kid at the time and had seen the odd skirmish on the terraces and outside grounds back then, but remember the look of horror on my dad's face as the events unfolded ''Is this bad?'' I asked him.

''It's f*cking terrible'' he said ''Really bad''

I didn't realise the occassion or the size of the the game (European cup final) or realise the implicattions it would have on English football.

Truely a sad night for football!

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Just like Hillsbrough and the Bradford fire I will pobably never watch the footage of Heysel again - all of them are horrific to watch. Another tragedy that gets overlooked, another collection of people who died for no reason, another day that everyone should remember and feel real pity, and another day where a small collection of people whould hang their head in shame.

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During all the Liverpool fawning that went on on the anniversary of hillsborough and the justice for the 96 pish that was permanantly on TV, I went and watched the heysel video footage...it's so disturbing, and yet because it's not Liverpool it's vener acknowledged


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