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open training session ?


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After being stroked by Drogba post-match against Fulham, I think Frank has finally got his man back


There was a battle however...


But Frank won. Big Pete had fun though, especially as he's 1 away from joining Gallas as our 3rd highest appearance maker for an over-seas player.


A couple of other unknowns showed up



Deco certainly seemed to enjoy the day


Ballack tries to help out our cause for trophy by annihilating the weak links


Whilst Frank pulls a cheeky face


Supposedly a great training exercise for all - with Joey, Paulo and Zhirkov completing the full session.

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yet more bad press for what should have been a fun day,


Written by Ben Hunt, who in common with countless talentless hacks up and down the land, does his absolute worst to put a negative spin from the outset. And judging by a comment from someone who actually attended the event, the vast majority of this piss-poor excuse for "journalism" is pure f**king invention:

i was at the open training session yesterday with my partner and boy. No one tried getting us to sing they got us to sing happy birthday to bosingwa. When Neil Barnett came out onto the pitch and got us all to stand up and do a minutes applause for Liverpool as its the end of their title hopes everyone joined in! As for the signing of the autographs yeah they didnt do them in the ground but we went outside by the restaurant and were told it was due to people getting crushed last year, but the likes of John Terry, Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Drogba, Bosingwa, Chech, Carvalho and Deco all came out and signed autographs and John Terry came back and lifted my little boy over the security barrier to have his picture taken so dont start saying that they didnt do anything and that fans were disappointed, you need to speak to the fans before you put rubbish in the paper
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Good Lord, what a bitter little sh*te.

And from the sounds of that comment, it's not even bloody true!

since when did it need to be right for a journalist to publish it. f**king horrible bar steward

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Here is the trouble with these arseholes. They write this bile, and then you have to register for some sh*tty third party site like livejournal just to respond to them.

I took the time to craft a response if anyone has the login to post it.

Wow, could this article be any more loaded or misconstrued. I watched video of this on SSN, and they restrained themselves from this ridiculous frame up. I saw pictures of this event, posted by fans, none of whom complained about the points made here. That is to say, the actual fans who showed up on the day and experienced this event firsthand had no such complaints and validated none of these claims.

I guess it should come as no surprise that the writer on this occasion is a regular contributor for The Mirror, where they love drivel like this. And no surprise that someone who was there (with one of the 'thousands of schoolchildren' who were allegedly disappointed) in your comments directly contradicts everything the writer says, because I am guessing, Mr. Hunt, that you were not there. The only damage done, on this occasion, would be to the dying field of sports journalism by people like yourself.

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