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Garry Cook - the new kenyon

The Brit

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Citeh's chief exec has done a lot of nobbish things since the club found their cash, but his similarity to kenyon is growing...sad man in a suit trying to win favour with the fans by making stupid comments which only invites criticism, ridicule and pressure on your own club...he said the below in what looked like a very sad event in a poxy pub, just been shown on sky sports news...


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I see Robinho is spouting off again. This time to the Brazilian press saying he's about to leave Citeh. SSN reporting it too

Yeh I stuck it in your transfer thread. Its all but done apparently. Santos on loan. Gutted as the guy is stupidly talented but he cant motivate himself. I still thank him for what he did for us as a club overall. Without him I doubt the likes of Tevez would be with us now.

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Dont get me started on the guy. Excellent with the supporters on a personal basis, absolute cretin in the public eye.

well that's one thing better than kenyon...the slaphead was loathed by us...always made me laugh how in a chelsea-United game they would sing 'Kenyon is a wa*ker' and we would either join in or applaud in agreement

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