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The all in one Secbastia trivia thread!


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Not a bad list. Quite of few from the CL spring to mind:

Both Liverpool semis at Binfield.

Monaco semi - both legs

2-2 at home to Leicester in 99 (?) - the Guppy game.

2-3 t home to Arse - the Kanu game.

6-0 (1979) and 7-0(early 90s) up at Forest were pretty grim

Sunderland 2 Chelsea 1 in the Cup at Roker park was a heartbreaker, too

Not to mention the home game when they knocked us out in 1985 (the Clive Walker game)

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does anybody remember going to Forest in 76 we won 3 -1 and it was a match where there was a lot of trouble

I went to Forest in 76. I was 15. There was loads of trouble. We were given the Trent End, which really pissed off the Forest fans.

The game ended 1-1, though!

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4 man utd v chelsea 1994

I loved this game, it was the match that got me into football, and made me a Chelsea fan (my dad supported them so I watched the match with him, and felt so bad for Chelsea as I genuinely believe they were the best team on the day, despite losing 4-0 - not very often you'd say that!)

I think my worst games would all be in the CL - the ghost goal Liverpool match, the JT penalty slip against United, and that f**king c**ting Barcelona game a couple of seasons ago where Chelsea and Guus were IMO completely robbed.

Oh, and also the Tottenham 4-4 game, where I genuinely felt we were building so much momentum towards really challenging for the league title, and then that game happened and it completely destroyed it.

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Not sure about the worst games ever, but definitely one of our worst weeks ever was in the 1972/73 season: -

FA Cup 5th.Round - Orient away 2-3

League Cup Final - Stoke City 1-2

Another really bad week (actually 3 days) was in the 1985/86 season...

Division 1 - West Ham home 0-4

Division 1 - QPR away 0-6

A few other awful games that spring to mind...


ECWC 2nd Round - Atvidaberg home 1-1

This meant we went out on away goals to a team nobody had heard of just after we'd set a new record (which still stands) in the previous round of 21-0 on aggregate. And being holders of the ECWC made things even worse, as did Johnny Hollins missing a penalty. Arrggghh, I can still feel the pain!


Division 1 - Carlisle home 0-2

First game of the season, a sign of things to come (relegation). We had some terrible results that season, made all the worse by the fact I attended nearly every game.

League Cup - Stoke away 2-6

Division 1 - Newcastle away 0-5

Division 1 - QPR home 0-3

Division 1 - Wolves away 1-7

Division 1 - Spuds away 0-2


FA Cup 5th Round - Crystal Palace home 2-3

This was easier to bear due to the excellent battering we gave the Palarse fans on the North Stand terrace throughout the game :happy0034:


Division 2 - Millwall away 0-3

This wasn't made any easier to bear due to the kicking we got in the CBL. At least we went in there though... :stretcher:

Division 2 - Charlton away 0-4


Division 1 - Man.City away 2-6

Division 1 - Coventry away 1-5

Division 1 - Everton away 0-6


Division 1 - Leeds home 0-3

Division 1 - Man.City home 1-4

Division 1 - Spuds home 1-3

Division 1 - Middlesbrough away 2-7

Division 1 - Ipswich away 1-5

Division 1 - Nottm.Forest away 0-6

Division 1 - Arsenal away 2-5

Not surprisingly we finished bottom of the league that season!

This is getting very depressing, I'll let someone else continue through the 1980's - anyone?

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I went to Forest quite a few times in the 70's, and I find it difficult to remember which game was which. I put it down to old age, though the pre-match alcohol may also have something to do with it :D

There was always trouble when we went to Forest though - they loved to catch away fan stragglers and throw them in the River Trent, but we gave them a taste of their own medicine a few times - good days!

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I went to both games, and the atmosphere was amazing both times. I've been searching for years for footage of those two games, but I'm not 100% sure they were televised at the time.

I've got clips of our three goals from the first leg [Osgood, Garland, Hollins (pen)], and a clip of Garland's goal at WHL, but that's all. I'll see if I can upload them to YouTube when I've got time. I really want to see Alan Hudson's goal in the 2nd leg again, total fluke but what timing! We were celebrating all the way up to Seven Sisters tube station, then got Stoke in the Final - least said the better.

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I can only go by the games I attended, and I've got to agree with your first two choices.

I was in the Stretford End for the FA Cup Final Replay in 1970, absolutely brilliant atmosphere, totally made up for the fact I couldn't get a ticket for Wembley.

Bruges in 1971 was the best I've known at the Bridge by a long way, Ossie was a true hero that night.

Cardiff away in the 70's was pretty special, particularly the friendly meeting with the locals in the park afterwards.

Spuds at home in the cup 1981/82 was a great atmosphere too, shame about the result.

Leeds at home in 1983/84 was another great one, especially as we won 5-0, thoroughly enjoyed the day from Gate 13.

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