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  1. This is embarrassing. What a sh*tshow our club management is.
  2. He is getting absolutely destroyed on instagram. Half of them are Chelsea fans telling him to f**k off, and the other half are barca and rival fans laughing at him. https://www.instagram.com/p/BgRCjAqHX9_/?taken-by=thibautcourtois
  3. https://talksport.com/football/chelsea-fc-news-stats-reveal-thibaut-courtois-one-worst-goalkeepers-premier-league-big-six Using 'expected goals' (xG), it has been worked out how many goals Courtois should have conceded in Premier League matches this season, and when compared with the actual total goals conceded you find out whether a keeper is over - or underperforming. 1. David de Gea (Manchester United) has conceded 13.56 goals fewer than expected 2. Ederson (Manchester City) has conceded 0.41 goals fewer than expected 3. Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur) has conceded 1.73 goals more than expected 4. Loris Karius (Liverpool) has conceded 1.88 goals more than expected 5. Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea) has conceded 2.11 goals more than expected 6. Petr Cech (Arsenal) has conceded 3.30 goals more than expected - click the right arrow to see the other 'big six' Premier League keepers ranked
  4. He misses out on millions if he resigns. Him and his team get something like 15+ million pounds if he is sacked. He is never going to resign.
  5. Celtic just played and judging from twitter Celtic fans aren't impressed. I don't think he'll ever make it at a top club to be honest, should cut him loose at the end of the season.
  6. I think its fair to say that Spurs are hitting form at the right time in time for their CL game. Odds are that we won't have CL football next year. Hazard and Cortois leaving this year, lets hope we can replace them with some good young players and build a squad for the future.
  7. When I see posts like this I just shake my head. No wonder Matic was happy joining United.
  8. Jesus how did I miss that. But the transfers are different. Ashley burned all bridges at Arsenal coming here, completely different than what happened with Giroud who is leaving on great terms with Arsenal fans.
  9. I feel like the only fan who despises this transfer. Having a loyal Arsenal player who probably despises Chelsea really pisses me off. I feel like 10 years ago the fans wouldn't have accepted this transfer. Times are changing.
  10. https://weshare.me/services/mediaplayer/site/_embed.max.php?u=a7b032cce062d199 I just watched the first few minutes, and bakayoko made two mistakes out of three touches, one leading to a chance for Norwich. In 6 minutes he must of been passed to six times, despite us having position all six minutes.
  11. The interview is from his father, that's pretty reliable.
  12. Kristof Terreur ‏Verified account @HLNinEngeland Real or Chelsea? Eden Hazard keeps all options open. He’s currently waiting to extend his Chelsea contract in case Real Madrid are showing interest next summer. “He has rejected a contract offer”, confirms father Thierry in Le Soir. “But there’s no contact with Real.” #cfc
  13. I watched a bit of him today I think he had an average game. The manager has stuck him out of position on the left wing which he doesn't suit him but shores up the midfield. Didn't contribute that much. Hard to argue with the results though so I think he is going to stay there. I think he would struggle in our team, I don't think his style suits our play. Certainly he has a lot to improve in his game. Needs to shoot more and be a bit selfish.
  14. I wonder how Morata would feel if Conte leaves next season.
  15. David heard we were interested and actually asked to leave because he felt had unfinished business here. PSG's owners didn't want him to go but let him leave out of respect. Luis took a f**king pay cut to return to us. And people here have the gall to question his commitment. You have no clue what you talking about mate, so please have a strong cup of tea and reflect on what i said.

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