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The Annoyin Thing About Chelsea Squad IMO


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Is the age old no youth comin through..

but my problem is why the f**k arnt they when they are easily good enough?

i dont see any difference in smalling and Bruma

i rate bertrand and PVA better than fabio and rafael and gibbs

i rate josh better than darren gibson, aaron ramsey

i rate sturridge better than bendtner, crouch, even anelka - granted that them 3 arnt young players apart frm bendtner but theres not many young strikers breakin through in the top 4/5 teams

and i rate kakuta better than obertan, bebe

so why oh why cant they get a game for us???

Golden Question For You All

If Fergie or Wenger had Daniel Sturridge, Josh Mceachran, Patrick VanAanholt, Ryan Bertrand, Gael Kakuta, Jeffrey Bruma, How Many of them wouldnt get 20 games a season?? and how many would't be first team regulars?

it just doesnt make any sense

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It's because ferguson has had 20+ years at man utd so he is under nowhere near as much pressure to have instant success all the time, the fans and board there know he needs to rebuild the squad sometimes and bring young players in. Whereas here because Roman is so quick to fire managers who don't bring success, they aren't going to risk their jobs playing young players.

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BlueSkies has pretty much summed it up for me. It's a shame, but thats in the position our managers appear to find themselves in, why risk their job and look at the long term? Unless we give a manager time we're not going to see any of our youngsters get a decent run in the side.

I thought we should have promoted Bruma and PVA in the Summer, IMO they were youngsters who were good enough to become first team - the former especially.

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A similar question was asked on tonight's Friday Night live.

Given that in releasing so many senior players at the end of last season, a conscious decision was made to use the youngsters to fill the gaps. This didn't work out. Some simply weren't ready, but the injury situation (back when it was at it's worst) coupled with an extended bad run of form didn't exactly help matters.

And now, with 5 games left to play, and a realistic chance of going for the title, is just about the worst time imaginable to start taking risks.

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I think what has already been said is one of the reasons, but there's also the fact that few of our youngsters have performed when given a chance.

Bruma has been very shaky when he's played. Not saying he might become a really good defender in the future, but he's not ready for 20 games a season. If he were to play that many games I would give up any title hopes before the season even started. I'd rate Smalling higher right now.

Sturridge. Yes, brilliant at Bolton so far, but was he great here? Not if you ask me. He had his moments, but they were a bit too few. He was also less lethal in front of goal than Kalou on a bad day. Scary thought.

Kakuta. Was he good in any of the games he played for us? I can't think of one. Seems to have loads of potential, but he needs to evolve a bit somewhere else before he can be given a chance here. Whoever thought of sending him to Fulham should get a kick up the a*se though.

Van Aanholt. Haven't seen too much of him. According to Wikipedia he has played two games for us and unless I'm wrong it was against weaker opponents. I think he did okay, but not enough to play many games every season. I would not trust him against bigger opponents.

Bertrand has played one. I repeat: ONE! game for us. He provided a great cross that resultet in a goal, but other than that he wasn't exactly spectacular. Way too soon to say if he deserves more time or not.

These players might have gotten a few more games at other clubs like ManU, but I think they would mostly only be backup if other players got injured. Atleast if we go by how they have performed for us.

As for Josh I would say that he has performed well, but I'm not sure the club knows what do to with him. He's quite young and I doubt the club wants to play him too much because of that.

The problem is that he's good enough to play, but he also have a very tough competition. Even when Lampard and the rest are not performing, they will still be picked ahead of Josh because of who they are.

Personally I would like to see Josh sent out on loan to get him more time on the pitch and more experience. That's what we should do next season unless we're planning to ship out loads of midfielders.

Let's face it, we'll probably see Lampard, Essien and Ramires as the first choices if we play 4-3-3. Then we have Mikel, Yossi and possibly Malouda and Yuri. I would not be surprised if we bought another midfielder this summer as well. Josh would perhaps be a choice for the 3rd midfield trio. He'll be 18 next season and I don't think the club will play him that much.

So send him out on loan would be the best. Just as long as we don't send him to a team that wont play him. Kakuta has lost loads of opportunities to evolve thanks to us messing things up. Let's not do the same with Josh.

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Kieron , the one reason we see no youth getting chances in the first team is the shrewdness of Jose Mourinho . Well nothing with Jose here but he was very clever with his choice of players to be bought by chelsea and those players ended up here for so many years and their immense service to CFC is without question .

I think once these core of players move out or retire , we will see enough chances for the youth . Another reason is the demand from Roman for immediate success . If we had won the CL in 2008 , I think Roman would have decided to spend little in transfer market and he would have been more patient with success and allowed the managers to groom young talents .

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Biggest reason that no one has mentioned yet is: Zhirkov, Anelka, Kalou, Paulo, Mikel and all the other full time internationals we have on the bench waiting for their chance. We are not a breeder club, we are the club who is fighting for trophies. If a young player is good enough to beat one of the names mentioned up there he gets his 15-20 games.

Think about Anelka who had 7 goals in CL and was one our best is now completely a second string striker. How do you think a younger unproved player has a chance?

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