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Chelsea formation 2011/12

Eagle Owl

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Can we expect something like this, considering which players are currently available? Lukaku seems to be a primary target again, since Anderlecht's GM German van Hoolsbeck is heading to London this weekend, according to Graeme Bailey on Twitter. Where would he fit in? And what about Sturridge, is it a waste of a good striker to feature him on the wing?

I'm sorry there's no capital letters in the formation, but the site didn't accept them while I created it.

Kalou is obviously more than a question mark, but I have a hard time figuring out who we'd play on the right flank otherwise. I don't even know if this is what AVB prefers, so please let me know if it's all rubbish.

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Looking at Porto teams that AVB picked he seems to prefer a 4-3-3 but isnt averse to playing a 4-4-2, albeit a 4-4-2 with a sort of diamond and one striker playing wider. Until we make signings we cant really know for sure how he will play though.

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Based on what we have right now:


Sturridge off the bench to fill in along the front line. Neither Kalou nor Malouda is stellar with the crosses, so I switched their sides. This way they can cut in towards the middle and have their strong foot lined up for a shot.

If we add Modric, but nobody else who will be a regular starter, and wanted a change-of-pace shape:


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Farking ridiculous sturridge as a centre forward(TOrres or lukaku maybe?),four players who can't defend and Two lightweight midfielders behind them FFS.

Only one real tough strong defender in ivanovic WTF?

I think with this starting 11 number of goals per game would be around 7-10 which would be very entertaining AND EVERYONE WOULD LOVE IT :D

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looking at avbs porto.. Id have if possible













(not a conventional 4-3-3 either with sturridge playing a hulk kind of role and aguerro playing off torres)

I know signing 2 players 35 mil plus isnt that realistic but one can dream cant he :P

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If we get modric I'd love to see something like this.







This is good especially if modric is our only signing. But

were not going to drop lamps, but ramires is better in a advanced roll,but he could be useful like essien running with the ball out of defense. Thats the only quiery.

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