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Kebe v Collison

Davey Baby

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Jack Collison got upset on Saturday when Jimmy Kebe rolled up his socks, while in possession of the ball, with Reading leading 3-0.

Collison is a Chelsea fan and comes from a family of Chelsea fans (just thought I'd mention it).

Personally, I have no problem with showboating, although if you're Man Utd and you're playing a non-league side (for instance) you should probably avoid it.

Either way it's up to the player in my view.

Collison saw red.

What do you guys think .. ?

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Depends really, In the case you've linked above I don't really think it's showboating. Maybe he was just pulling up his socks? Who knows. Though west ham should of closed him down quicker! I think Collisons reaction is a bit to much just for a guy pulling up his socks.

I remember Nani running down the line showboating against arsenal while juggling the ball. I guess that would warrant a good kick up the arse.

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I think it was hilarious. I also think some of the reaction by certain pundits is even funnier. One even went as far as to say Collison`s actions were`nt anywhere near as bad as Kebe`s winding up...So you cant pull your socks up but you can smash someone for daring to. I suppose those fancy backheels are taking the piss too, and god forbid if someone who`s team was winning dared to showboat a little with a fancy flick or two, surely they deserve to be shot.

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