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  1. Azpi turned inside out on the wing. Zouma OG. The usual suspects....
  2. That would be massively unfair on Emerson.
  3. Calling Lampard a toilet manager after 3 games is exactly what is wrong with the supporters of this club.
  4. I still think their were some positive signs in the game. He played a well under strength team yesterday and we still managed to dominate for about 60 minutes of the game. I genuinely believe we would of gone on to win the game had Zouma not gave the penalty away.
  5. Love the lineup. We've got some fresh faces in there and it's a statement by Frank. These young lads will be fearless. My only worry is not having a defensive midfielder like Kante in there when they are playing an attacking midfielder behind the striker.
  6. I'd rather give backing to Rudi, Christensen, Tomori and Zouma and try and get a good fee for Luiz. He's on the decline now and I think it's now time to move on and see how much we can rip Arsenal off. I don't believe for one second we'll get to January and be saying "we really shouldn't of sold Luiz"
  7. Just seen a video of the altercation between Luiz and Higuain. Deliberate elbow by Luiz in the face of Higuain who was just closing him down. It wasn't really an "altercation" as such but I'm surprised Higuain didn't make more of it to be honest. Don't really know what Luiz is playing at.
  8. Jorginho been fantastic tonight. Great on the ball, spraying it about with ease
  9. It's a daft comparison to make considering that being a footballer has never been, and never will be, like a normal job. The same rules don't apply
  10. I think there was a bit of confusion to be fair which didn't help things. Kepa maybe thought he was coming off due to injury and was trying to say he was ok to continue. But Sarri wanted to change keeper for the penalties but Kepa didn't know that... Obviously it's still not good that Kepa didn't leave the pitch but if he was aware that Sarri wanted to change keeper due to the penalties and not due to the injury I think he would of come straight off.
  11. It is very difficult for any striker to look good against a team that is defending so deep. I thought he looked really sharp and very clever when the ball is around the box.
  12. You've kind of made my point as both Bats and Bakayoko got plenty of game time compared to Hudson-Odoi. Drinkwater was probably only ever going to be backup. If Bayern buy Hudson-Odoi for £35million you can't realistically think that they're going to give him even less game time than what we was giving him?! Unfortuanely if he goes the club have no one else to blame.
  13. Unfortunately from Hudson-Odoi's point of view I think the move makes sense. If a team pays £35million for you it almost guarantees more game time than what your getting currently. A lot of money to be playing in the reserves.
  14. Extremely poor decision in my opinion. There is no one in the team that can hold a candle to Cesc in terms of his ability to pick out and play THE pass. Not only that but his general intelligence and decision making on the pitch is second to none. The club should do away with this over 30 contract rule. It makes sense with certain players but it doesn't here. He is early 30s and never relied on pace, it is safe to give him a multi-year contract if that's what he's asking for.
  15. I have it and I love it but I'm terrible. Really struggle to get the best out of Hazard.

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