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Ghana 2014 - How far has African football come


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I have thoroughly enjoyed the World Cup so far (apart from England's performance) but there has been one sour note for me and that was tonight.


I love seeing African countries progress in the World Cup and It is clear to see how much it means to the African supporters who have travelled. The celebrations from Nigerian and Algerian supporters has been priceless.


I saw a picture before Ghana's match tonight of a private envoy at 3am carrying the '3 million' in bonuses across the motorway before the match.  There was then a picture of John Boye, who scored an own goal in todays match, kissing his 100 grand wad of cash. Then we heard that Kevin Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari (perhaps the two most famous players for Ghana) were sent home for abusing the management team. They were then pictured in a private jet and I would think the argument was money related.


I should also point out that Kevin Prince Boateng only has 15 caps for Ghana. He decided to play for Ghana a few months before the 2010 World Cup when Germany wouldn't pick him. He retired in 2011 for Ghana because the journey times were too tiring but then came out of retirement before the 2014 World Cup.


Asamoah Gyan is the Ghanian captain and used to play competitive football but instead chose to play for 300,000 pound a week in front of a crowd of 5,000 for Al Ain in the UAE. Gyan chose money over football and today became the highest African scorer in the World Cups - and according to Stefan Coerts (Dutch football expert) tried to attack journalists in the mixed zone and was restrained by team mates following tonights match.


On a side note: I know the Cameroon team also had problems regarding bonuses a few weeks ago and refused to fly before these problems were solved - despite the fact that they had not deserved a bonus.



My question is: how big a role does money play in African football



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It seems to play a big role, and i wouldn't be surprised if that John Boye made that "mistake" on purpose. The way they have conducted themselves recently seems very odd. The goalkeeper making that "error" against Portugal today really has made me wonder if some match fixing is going on here, and then Amputechture sends me two articles that says that this may well be happening.






I really hope it isn't true because i want this world cup to be remembered for the good football, not stuff like this.

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Ivory Coast's performance, especially in that last game against Greece, really disappointed me as well. I don't know if for them it is a problem with money but it seems as if the players didn't care to put on that shirt and play for their country. Yes, I know Yaya wasn't fully fit but he was anonymous in their three games, & that c*nt Suarez was still able to knock out two teams when not fully fit. I think there are major structural & maybe even social & moral issues plaguing African football & holding it back.


Hopefully I'm wrong though because I would love nothing more than to see teams from Africa, Asia and North America do well against the big boys. But I doubt the African teams will be too excited for a World Cup in Russia so it remains to be seen what the turnout will be like in 4 years time.

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I do think players like Gyan get too much criticism. I think turning down that much money would be difficult, especially if the player has a lot of family members he wants to support. At the end of the day, this is a game, and he is being paid an obscene amount of money for his talent, which will likely decrease every year.

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I wonder if for some afican players of certain nations, if maybe there isn't the same sense of nationality. African countries can be formed of several ethnic/cultural groups. and these groups might form a greater identity of self than their 'nation'

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