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  1. I don’t necessarily want to make Norwich go down to 9 men at 5-0 down, but if Reece James was a red card against Liverpool then I don’t understand why Norwich player doesn’t get a red card too. If it's a rule, it should always be applied, not just when it doesn't favor us.
  2. I can't wait to have Mount back in the side. We look lost without him. Hopefully Pulisic brings another dimension to the attack too,.
  3. Dreadful. Somebody teach Havertz how to head the ball please
  4. Exactly. I'll take any live goal I can get! Shed upper in block 1. Not a bad place to watch from!
  5. I'm American and have been a Chelsea supporter for 18 years since I was 12. I've been to the Bridge a few times before and was even featured in the club magazine in 2010 for being a fan from the USA but was finally was able to attend my first in person match tonight. We weren't great but god did I love every second of it. I will remember this night forever. What an atmosphere. I can only hope that my next match isn't another 18 years!
  6. you want me to give some more predictions for the season?
  7. We are so toothless. Thank goodness we won the UCL twice already. haha 😅
  8. Do we still have an unused substitute? Not sure why Tuchel thinks we're going to score when we don't have a forward on the pitch. Give Tammy a chance for once for more than 2 minutes please or sell him already.
  9. I was really hoping we'd finally win this silly trophy too.
  10. Rudiger did everything wrong on that goal. Wow that was horrible.
  11. Love seeing Ampadu being the most mature player on the pitch and probably the youngest too!
  12. Cometh the moment, cometh the man. What a time to score your first Champions League goal. Well done Kai!
  13. He didn't have much to do tonight but thank goodness he was in goal - especially when Aguero tried that chip/cross back to the center of goal late on. What a signing he has been. He's been immense all season. 9 clean sheets in the UCL, equalling a competition record. Onwards and upwards!
  14. Words cannot express how much I enjoy watching James play. I haven't bought a Chelsea replica kit since Drogba's in 2010. I think that streak will end now and it will have James printed on it.
  15. Somehow he was horrible again tonight but it didnt matter! 😇
  16. AMAZING. What a feeling. I never could have dreamed we would win the Champions League again, let alone twice in my lifetime after so many years of hurt. On top of the world!
  17. and they'll know that's a lie since he never makes any changes to the front 3
  18. hell will freeze over before tuchel ever takes off his golden boy werner early
  19. Why do we have no plan B? Especially when our plan A is so tepid and wasteful.
  20. WHAT AN AIR SHOT. What else do we expect now? How is this guy a professional footballer
  21. I read that too and liked it. Jonathan Liew is great
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