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The Leeds Thread - Because its Funny

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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At least one Arsenal player was on the winning side this week - Nicklas Bendtner scored the only goal in Brum's 1-0 over the dirty scum.


How many more games do they have to lose till they're only one division away from dropping out of the football leauge? icon_lol.gif128.gif

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mixed feelings on this. really enjoying watching that team in the s***, but not enjoying watching wisey fail. not bothered either way with poyet. (annoyed me with his badge kissing at the spuds)

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icon_lol.gif Lost 3-2 to Sheffield Wednesday yesturday icon_lol.gif Although I don't think the rest of the botton 5/6ish won either so they're still in the same spot (thats bottom, 24th if anyones interested icon_wink.gif )/points difference. Although Hull & QPR have one game in hand - which is always useful.

And its not a good sign when the captain wants away:

Wise lambasts wantaway Nicholls

Just some quotes from Wisey on the BBC page:

"I wasn't interested at all in letting him go but he has made his mind up. He feels he made a mistake joining us."

"I'm very disappointed in him, they're a team fighting us for relegation. I asked whether it was me and Gus that was the problem, he said 'no'.

"He came to see me on Thursday but I had already had a phone call from Mike Newell on Wednesday asking me if I was interested in letting Kevin go.

"I'm very disappointed at the way I've found out. It takes Mike to ring me.

"He was the captain of this football club and you expect him to dig in like the rest and get us out of this mess and not jack it in. This really, really disappoints me and this is just some of the things you have to put up with."

"What do you say to that? I told him I had to accept his decision and told him he wouldn't be captain and wouldn't be involved in the game this Saturday.

"He actually wanted to go straightaway. To go to Luton to try to help them and I can't understand it.

"We want our money back, simple as that. If he wants to go to Luton, give us our money back.

"Do they think I'm mad, to go and loan him to Luton for the rest of the season? Is he seriously crazy, or what?

"This is what you deal with, chaps. Good isn't it?"


Feel sorry for him, but its Leeds... so its still good.

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Shame Millwall are 12th in League One, can't see them going down. Well, for this season at lest icon_wink.gif I'll just settle for Leeds (and the Spammers)

We gotta have something to be happy about next season, don't we? Maybe next season it's Millwall and West Ham who get relegated from the Championship. icon_wink.gif

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I think wise has gone above and beyond this time, he is to be applauded putting his own career second in order to make sure that leeds go down another league

If a Chelsea legend manages to destroy Leeds from within, would he then become a god?

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