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Late Greetings From Chicago!

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I've been posting for awhile but realized I hadn't been on to say hello. I'm Evan, 29 years old originally from southern Indiana and went to college at Indiana University who other than basketball has a top notch soccer program with many players in the mls and a few abroad.

I'm married to my wonderful wife Tracy who is actually from Croydon. We are both lawyers( i know i know dont hate me where not all assholes :) ) I started following Chelsea in the 93/94 season thanks to my uncle who is from Stevenage( all his brothers and sisters are spuds) he chose chelsea and has been married to my aunt since the early 80's. He took me to my first match at the bridge in 1993 and Ive been hooked since even as an 8 yr old that FA cup final loss was brutal against the mancs. Been to the Bridge to see the Blues play 21 times and hopefully more. My uncle goes back to see his family at least once a year so i try to tag along.

I played football in high school and a little in college but my ankles were getting messed up from all the tackles so I don't play as much anymore unfortunately. Broke my femur and both ankles playing. Love watching Chelsea and nbc has now made it possible here to watch every premier league match and fox sports shows all the champions league and FA cup so its really been great since that happened. Love the board and I apologize if I offend anyone.



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Thanks for the kind greeting from all of you this place is great to come for anything Chelsea.

Soldiergirl, hey we just moved up near wrigleyville had been living out in Schaumburg for the past three years. If you ever wanting to watch a match or get together for a pint let me know.

Thanks Val ya I should've introduced myself first and thanks for the warm welcome!

Thanks Droogba, haha ya he was quite a twot to put it kindly. I get ragged on all the time for my southern indiana accent up here haha but I'm used to it by now.

If anyone in the region/Chicago wants to grab a pint sometime just let me know.

Thanks for the kind welcome,


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Nice one.  Indiana is a good Uni, and I love Chicago. In fact, up around Wrigleyville is one of my favourite areas to visit.  I've not been back to Wrigley Field since the renovations, but I saw the process and it was not a good one.


One of my good freinds from college is from Chicago, and I'm thinking about visiting him sometime soon.  If I do, and there's a game on, we'll need to meet up.  Think Windy City Blues are an official chapter of CIA (Chelsea in America) so if you were looking for a good crew of like minded Blues, maybe give them a look up

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