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Anyone used a flexible keyboard?


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Once again I am looking to buy a new keyboard after Miss Mini Loz broke this one (her 2nd in a month) and the space bar is shagged - been looking on ebay and thinking about one of these flexible waterproof ones but wondering what they are like to type on.

Anyone know?

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They are ok for ocassional use i find, but if you are going to do a lot of typing then i would prefer a normal keyboard.

Maybe get 2 keyboards, the flexible one for Miss Mini Loz, and the normal one for you.

She is only 11 months old, she doesn't use it to type, just flies up to it in her baby walker and pulls the bloody thing off the desk and allows it to smash on the ground!

Cheers for the advice, I figured that may be the case - will shop for a normal one

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I saw on some other forum a link to very inexpensive Solar powered electric pig-fencing - That would work Loz

I'll go look it up for you

Kev, trying to be helpful

edit - here it is

Miss Mini Loz Environmentally Sound Keyboard Protection Device

AND it's 399 Australian Dollars, which is only about ?13.95


If I bought one of them the missus would use it to keepme away (if we had got one sooner then we wouldn't be having this Miss Mini Loz keyboard problem!)

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Actually that "Swedish model" is Daniela Cicarelli, Ronaldo's Ex-wife.

Ahh good, I was worried no one would catch on to the joke and i'd be left looking like a nut (well a bigger nut than I allready am).

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