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There is a reporter in The Sun who always puts in Chelsea-negative stories. Without fail they are designed to destabilise Chelsea and will undoubtedly have no quotes or anything that would constitute a real 'journalistic' story.

Therefore it is my intention to list all of his stories this season to see how 'fair' or how 'bitter' he seems towards us. Of course the press does seem to be aiming a little more at Man Utd and Sven at the mo, but lets see.

Feel free of course to comment on the story, the standard of 'evidence' used to back up his claims, and believability etc.


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The Sun. 6 July 2007.

http://www.thesun.co.uk/printFriendly/0 ... 07,00.html

Grant: I'll Av Mourinho's job


July 06, 2007

AVRAM GRANT has snubbed Manchester City because he is being lined up to become Chelsea?s boss.

Grant was offered ?1.5million-a-year to become Sven Goran Eriksson?s first-team coach at City.

But SunSport can reveal the former Portsmouth technical director has been chosen by Roman Abramovich to replace Jose Mourinho if things go wrong this season, joining initially as director of football.

Sources close to Grant confirmed to SunSport Abramovich and the Chelsea hierarchy have discussed handing the reins to Grant.

Rom attempted to replace Mourinho last season but was turned down by three potential replacement coaches.

Getting Grant on the payroll makes him available to replace Mourinho should results go badly or the manager and owner clash as they did last season.

Former Israel national manager Grant is a close friend and advisor to Abramovich and worked closely with Blues academy chief Frank Arnesen on pinpointing Chelsea?s summer signings.

Abramovich originally wanted Grant on the Chelsea coaching staff last January, but it was fiercely resisted by Mourinho.

The Blues boss has since relented ? but will not tolerate any interference in team affairs.

So has he actually said "I want your job" as claimed in the title?


Being lined up to replace Jose?

McGarry has claimed in the past season that Hiddink, the Seville coach, Klinsman etc are all 'Boss in waiting'. Jose said in a press conference that 13 managers have been named in the press as replacing him, yet here he was.

Is this guy 'a close friend and advisor to Abramovich'?

We know that other than Pini Zahavi, Roman knew no-one in football prior to buying Chelsea, so this seems a little odd.

A lot of the whispers in the article seem to be by private meetings. How would Mr McGarry get such info?

So is this McGarry article negative and based on spurious 'facts'?

Yes. Seems so. 259.gif

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It is of course extremely plausible that the richest club in the world would employ a totally unproven manager to take over mid-season if JM leaves.

exactly what i thought as i was reading it. bullsh*t if ever it could be spotted, but never a surprise from that rag.

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as jimboola says, the headline is a complete misnomer. knowhere in the piece does it say he will take over. its getting beyond a joke now.

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Good mission Jimboola. Send Chelsea TV a copy as well, I'm sure he's been on there being all nicey-nicey.

Yeah good point.

Of course this may be the year that he turns his guns on Man Utd or Sven at Man City.

It's all good! (For Chelsea) ::Scalf::

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Well he had Monday off...here we go again...

Grant poised for Jose war

http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2002 ... 56,00.html


July 10, 2007

JOSE MOURINHO is heading for a showdown with Avram Grant over who sits on the Chelsea bench.

The Blues? new director of football has said he wants to join the coaching staff during matches.

But Mourinho is fiercely protective of his own authority and is unlikely to agree to the request.

Grant did not sit with Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth.

But the former Israel coach is determined to operate at Chelsea his way and is not afraid to step on Jose?s toes.

He has been involved in Chelsea?s summer signings and says Mourinho is happy with his appointment.

Grant said: ?Jose Mourinho gave me his blessing for this new job.

?It?s a dream come true to me after everybody saw that I did a good work at Portsmouth.?

Grant also confirmed SunSport?s exclusive that he was offered a coaching role with Sven Goran Eriksson at Manchester City.

He said: ?I had an offer from City but I?ve chosen Chelsea.?

No idea where he gets this 'sit on the bench' thing from. He then goes on to to say that he did not do so at Pompey and that Mourinho is happy with Grant and his role...these are the only ACTUAL quotes, the only use of sources, the only FACTS.

But some how McGarry has (as he did all of last season) managed to turn it into a story that is negative towards Chelsea. beatdeadhorse.gif

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Okay, as you have seen McGarry never seems to write about anything other than Chelsea (always negative) and it seems that Jose was asked some questions about Mr Grant.

Now McGarry has been ploughing this story to death, without any real pay-dirt but once more he has a 'story' printed out of pretty much nothing.

Clearly he was asked questions about Grants role and said it is clearly defined. 106.gif

Jose unleashes Grant warning

http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2002 ... 92,00.html


July 12, 2007

JOSE MOURINHO has warned Avram Grant not to interfere with his job.

Grant was appointed director of football at Stamford Bridge this week and intends to have a say in all football matters.

But Chelsea boss Mourinho made it clear he is in charge of the team.

Mourinho said: ?The club want to bring some support to different areas and as long as he does not interfere with the power I have in my job then it is fine.

?The club was very clear in their statement about his role.

?It?s not my job to speak about him. He will have to speak for himself.?

The Blues boss also confirmed that left-back Wayne Bridge has an injured hip.

Mourinho added: ?Wayne has a problem with his hip and we don?t know yet how serious it is.?

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Another one here. Yet again about Chelsea (the boy is obsessed), yet again to a negative slant indicating we are a graveyard to midfielders. news to Essien, Maka, Lamps etc. Oh and did Sidwell say he will bury a hoodoo...nah! 259.gif

It is actually a rather positive story of Stevie saying he has faith in his ability and will fight for the right to play in a good team.

But any hooooo.... 106.gif

Sidwell: I'll bury hoodoo


July 12, 2007

STEVE SIDWELL knows that Chelsea has become a graveyard for midfielders.

Since Roman Abramovich bought the club several hopefuls have signed, dreaming of glory, only to end up moving on.

Juan Veron, Tiago, Scott Parker, Alexei Smertin and Jiri Jarosik are just a few who have come and gone.

Even Michael Ballack struggled last season.

But Sidwell, 24, is happy to give it a go.

The former Arsenal rookie, who signed on a free from Reading in May, decided the offer to play for the Blues was too good to refuse.

He said: ?There has been a lot of negativity, people saying I wasn?t going to play and that.

?But it?s all down to me. If I don?t get into a squad on a Saturday, I?ll try even harder in training the next week.

?I thrive on competition. I?ve got a strong mentality ? you get that growing up at Arsenal ? and aim to do well and achieve.

?I know it is going to be a big, big challenge. But there?s one thing that I can guarantee ? when people put challenges in front of me, I?m not one to lie down.

?If I get knocked back, I get up. I?m still fighting. And this won?t change me at all. This will make me stronger.

?I?m going to get a chance. It?s not worked out for others before me ? but I can?t go through my career, not coming to Chelsea and then saying ?I could have played for them?.

?I?d rather give it a go. If it doesn?t work I?ll hold my hands up and say I wasn?t good enough. At least I?ve got the bottle to do it.?

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Well McGarry is STILL covering nothing but Chelsea, but this seems to be a possitive story!! icon_eek.gif

I should also point out that I do not agree or disagree with any opinion. The stories may all be true, I am just checking how he comes to his conclusion and whether he truly is just putting out negative stories.

Florent is out to sparkle


July 14, 2007

FLORENT MALOUDA has vowed to bring the sparkle back to Chelsea?s football.

The ?13.5million France winger knows all about the ?boring? Chelsea accusations levelled at Jose Mourinho?s side last season.

But Malouda, 27, is keen to add his skills to make Chelsea hard to beat and great to watch.

He said: ?In Lyon we had a good defence, and we were free to attack. I hope it will be the same here ? be strong, score a lot.

?I have come to Chelsea to win. I prefer to win but if we could practise good football and score many goals it would be better.?

Malouda will make his Blues debut against Club America today in San Franciso though he admitted singing the traditional a song in front of his new team-mates would be more nerve-racking.

He is a close friend of Didier Drogba from their days with French club Guingamp and he shares the striker?s love of music.

Malouda added: ?Didi and I don?t have to talk to understand each other. He knows I?ll support him.?

AC MILAN are still keen to tie up a loan deal for ?30million Chelsea flop Andriy Shevchenko.

The Italians hope Blues owner Roman Abramovich will agree to his return after a ?15m bid for the striker, 30, was rejected.

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Mr McGarry still only seems to report on Chelsea by the way - I wonder if Man Utd or Liverpool have their own dedicated hatchetman? 128.gif

This is a sly one.

At first it does not look negative, yet we have a mysterious 'Real source', as opposed to a 'real source' I guess. 259.gif Then we have the undertone, the undertone being that Roman is in charge and is the big olligarch, there is certainly a move to relegate Jose's coverage and consider him as a minion. I mean do we believe that club directors actually 'ring' Roman up as suggested here? I very much doubt it.

Oh and where does he get the wage demands from?


Rom puts stop to Robben raid


The Sun - July 20, 2007

ROMAN ABRAMOVICH has told Real Madrid to forget about Arjen Robben.

The Chelsea owner got involved after Real sporting director Predrag Mijatovic contacted him, asking to sign the Dutch winger.

A Real source said: ?The reply to any move for Robben was very clear. Abramovich said he didn?t care if he was offered ?10million or ?50m.

?Jose Mourinho has said the player is not for sale and that means the player is not for sale at any price.?

Rom is 100 per cent behind boss Mourinho, who is also determined to hold on to Frank Lampard and Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Chelsea are still hopeful Lamps and Robben will follow skipper John Terry?s example and extend their contracts.

Robben has been offered ?85,000 a week but he wants ?100,000.

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hope you don't mind me adding another McGarry story but I read this toaday and thought t was worthy of a post:

From IAN McGARRY in Los Angeles

July 21, 2007

CHELSEA suffered a shock setback as SunSport gave Jose Mourinho the runaround here.

The Blues boss led a team of coaches and backroom staff against a media side including SunSport?s Shaun Custis, Richard Pelham and myself.

Mourinho played in goal and his boys took no prisoners ? with three men quickly booked.

Blues? fitness coach Rui Faria then went for a second yellow.

And there was more controversy when Chelsea took the lead through one of their website staff . . . and were found to still have 11 on the pitch.

The Press team rallied and were awarded a penalty.

I stepped up to face Mourinho but the Special One tried to psyche me out by lifting the ball off the spot and pointing to the right corner. I stroked home the other side.

There was more drama soon after as Mourinho went down in agony with an injured hamstring. He watched the rest of the game clutching an ice pack.

Our boys beat the hacks 3-1 by the way.

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i know its not our beloved mr mcgarry, but this one from itv is possibly the most ridiculous article all summer. from itv teletext football page:

mourinho defends sidwell. chelsea boss jose mourinho has defended steve sidwell following a horror tackle which almost marred david beckhams los angeles galaxy debut.

now ive just watched the game and the only one i saw was a 50/50 sliding tackle which both men went for and sidwell won. no horror tackle, no foul, no yellow card. what an absolute load of rubbish. they should be ashamed of themselves.

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@Jimbo - You carry on pal. Happy for people to take up the slack. Good spot. yay.gif

@dkw - There are always misleading comments in the press and media in general but this is just the way they are, not just to Chelsea. Jose is always blasting someone when he comments on them etc etc. McGarry is one I have singled out as The Sun seem to employ him to do noting else BUT write stories about Chelsea that are going to be negative. I have noticed it more and more (do not read the rag as a rule) over the past two seasons, and by the end of the last one I was just amazed that he does this for a living. beatdeadhorse.gif

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To be fair, McGarry has the ammo for this story. But still he writes only for Chelsea, and still it is to the negative.

Jose: It's time to deliver, Rafa


July 25, 2007

JOSE MOURINHO has taunted arch-rival Rafa Benitez for failing to win the Premiership.

Chelsea boss Mourinho told Rafa it is time to deliver. He warned: ?Liverpool are under pressure. After four seasons with Benitez they want the Premiership.

?It?s a long time since they won it and they all speak about getting the Premiership ? the club, Benitez and the players.

?I think last season was frustrating for them as they won nothing.?

Mourinho has warned Benitez he could lose his star players if he draws another blank.

He said: ?I heard Gerrard, Carragher and Riise say it has to be this season for them.

?But they always have a good group, good players, so I think they?ll be better.?

Liverpool have not won the league since 1990 and this summer the club has splashed out more than ?26million, double Chelsea?s spending, to end that drought.

Mourinho added: ?In other years they could say ?Oh, these guys spent a lot of money, they have to win?.

?This season they don?t have that excuse. They have much higher expectations.

?In the past three years only Chelsea and Manchester United have won, so Liverpool are now under pressure.?

http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2002 ... 38,00.html

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Sorry about a lack of updates. the guy is either on holiday or I have just missed his stuff. Not a sign!

You've driven him into hiding mate icon_lol.gif

If only!!! icon_twisted.gif


Jose goes Robben for Dan


August 01, 2007

CHELSEA will spend the cash they get for Arjen Robben on Daniel Alves.

The Blues are close to conceding defeat in their fight with Real Madrid over winger Robben.

And Stamford Bridge boss Jose Mourinho has told club directors the ?19million fee for the Dutchman must be splashed on Seville?s Alves.

Mourinho plans to use the Brazilian as a utility player on the right.

Alves, 24, has played midfield for Seville but Mourinho reckons his speed and ability to run with ball means he will also be able to play in a more attacking role.

Chelsea have been in talks with Alves? agent for eight weeks and believe they have agreed personal terms.

But Seville president Jose Maria Del Nido is adamant Alves will not be allowed to leave for less than ?20m.

Chelsea were originally prepared to offer only ?13m but Robben?s transfer is certain to free up more cash.

Real expected Robben to accelerate the move by handing in a transfer request ? but he is reluctant to do so.

His agent and father, Hans, has told the Spanish giants they must agree a price with Chelsea.

That is expected to happen this week which will in turn speed up Mourinho?s bid for Alves.

Robben was not involved last night as Didier Drogba saved Chelsea?s blushes against Brondby in Copenhagen.

Ivory Coast powerhouse Drogba notched both goals in an unconvincing 2-0 win.

New-boys Florent Malouda, Claudio Pizarro and Steve Sidwell played but Chelsea continued their uninspiring form ahead of Sunday?s Community Shield clash with Manchester United.

Their poor performance in the first 30 minutes provoked a furious response from Mourinho ? with Mikel John Obi replaced by Pizarro.

A mistake from keeper Stephan Andersen on the hour allowed Drogba to head home from close range after Glen Johnson?s looping cross.

And Drogba fired a second near the end after delightful link-up play with Pizarro.

Chelsea scraped victories against the likes of LA Galaxy and Club America before suffering a 2-0 defeat to Rangers last weekend.

But Joe Cole, who came on as a second-half sub against Brondby, insists they are on course for the new season.

The midfielder said: ?We?ve had some hard tests and it?s been tough but we?ve looked pretty comfortable.

?It?s been tiring and we?ve picked up a few injuries.

?We?re a bit low on players but let?s hope we?ll get ready for Manchester United.

?We can play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. We?ve got five wingers at the club, a lot of firepower and a great deal of movement and it?s time to use them.?

So essentially this is a re-hash of a story that has been circulating around the press for weeks if not longer. Robben is offski, Alves is a Chelsea target. of course once more Mr McGarry seems to be the 'negative spin on Chelsea writer for the Stun!!! 259.gif

Many of the things he says though negative about our performances this pre-season would not be defended too virilantly by Chelsea fans, although I do not think we "scraped victories against the likes of LA Galaxy and Club America" personally. That is a push, and he is slanting things to his own prejudice.

Also Chelsea are "are close to conceding defeat" over the Robben situation. My, aren't we weak. What a bunch of no-marks. Although it is nice to know how Jose plans to use Alves. Not that I have heard Jose speaking about it to the press, but McGarry seems to know, just as he knows "Jose Mourinho has told club directors the ?19million fee for the Dutchman must be splashed on Seville?s Alves". That's pretty specific information there from a private meeting. So Jose demands these things to 'club directors' now. It seems like just articles ago that everything was done through tyranical olligarch allhail.gif Roman Abromovic.

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