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The return of the music quiz


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OK pop pickers! A little music quiz to take your minds off the horrors and machinations that are transpiring behind the scenes at the Bridge just now.

Listed below are the first names of the members of a band with one name missing ? all you have to tell me is the band name and the missing band member. For each list every past or present member is listed.

For example if I was to give you John, , Pete, Paul, George and ??: - then the answer is clearly Ringo and ?Thieving Scousers? as the Pete is Pete Best the original Beatles drummer.

1. Glen, Don, Timothy, Don, Randy, Bernie and ??

2. Noel, Jimi and ??

3. Paul, Stan, Dave, Ted, Chris, Hugh and ??

4. Junior, Beverley, Bob, Bunny, Cherry and ??

5. Jonny, Ed, Colin, Phil and ??

6. John, Keith, Pete, Kenney and ??

7. Dale, Mike, Craig, Steven, Andy and ??

8. George, Bob, Jeff, Tom and ??

9. Bill, Peter, Mike and ??

10. Chris, Matthew and ??

11. Doug, Maureen, Walter, Angus, Willie, John, Sterling and ??

12. Paul, Mark, Paul, Gary, Mark, Kav and ??

13. Graham, Neil, David and ??

14. Alex, Graham, Dave and ??

15. Paul, Bruce and ??

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1. the Eagles (Joe Walsh)

2 Hendix experience (mitch mitchell)


4. Peter Tosh (Bob Marley & The Wailers)

5. Thom Yorke (Radiohead)

6 The Who (Roger Daltry)


8. Travelling Wilburys (Roy Orbison)


10.Dominic Howard (Muse)

13 crosby stills nash and Young (Stephen Stills)

14 Damon Albarn (Blur)

Are these correct Loz, so we know where we're going?

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OK screw work, it only puts food on the table! Here is another quiz especially for Clubhappy! Same as before, band members first names with one missing - I want the name of the band and the missing band member. REMEMBER that the list includes all current and former members so even someone who maybe just sung with a band for a short space of time will be on the list (also I haven't made it easy by putting the main band members names first so it could be that the first name is someone not so well known with the more famous band members put in the middle of the list).

1. Michael, Matthieu, Phil, Andy, Lol, Simon, Jason, Robert, Perry, Roger, Boris and ??

2. Fiachna, Dave, Peter and ??

3. Nick, Pete, Keith, Paul, Mick, Rob, Vince, Terry, Joe and ??

4. Colin, Dennis, Robin, Geoff, Alan, Barry, Vince, Derek and ??

5. Tom, Martyn, Stephen, David, Graham. Craig, Martyn, Glenn and ??

6 .Lawrence, Roquel, Ronnie, Theo, Renaldo, Abdul and ??

7. Mary, Cindy, Scherrie, Susaye, Barbara, Jean, Florence, Lynda and ??

8. Mike, Lee, Daniel, Mark, Chas, Chris and ??

9. Jack, Eric and ??

10. Jonathan, John, Steve, Larry and ??

11. Tina, Chris, David and ??

12. Stephen, Ian, Peter and ??

13. John, Roddy, Lynval, Terry, Horace, Neville and ??

14. Mick, Steve, Paul and ??

15. Jerry, Joe, Niki and ??

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