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Where is the threshold to see Avram step down ?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I am not one who is happy to see someone without a job but i think Avram Grant can certainly stay to be a head coach of the reserves or director of something, if pride allows him.

But what will it take to see him relinquish the Gaffer job, encrusted upon him in true Gerald Ford fashion?

2 months without a premiership goal? Consecutive defeats in the champion's league and subsequent failure to qualify from the 1st round which is unprecedented since our participation in the competition?

Dreads.... hw long more must we endure this?

Until Mourinho's exodus of Drogs and all ?

I hope someone has the answer because i am getting very very sick of recent development.

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Octville, you say you want an answer and that you are sick about recent develpments.

Tell me, what will you do if things dont improve or get worse?

What will ANY of us do? Turn our back? is that an option? I can't say I've ever considered it as one but as a follower for over 30 years I don't feel part of the club after recent events. It's clear that the supporters don't really matter to anyone, 'We'll get the russian to sit with 'em' - That'll cheer 'em up a bit.

I'm sick of recent developments aswell...........Oh sh*t......I just agreed with Octville again icon_rolleyes.gif

We've got Kenyon, we've got Buck

but they couldn't give a f*ck

and regarless of his riches

Roman's got two bald-head bitches

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I'm as piss*d off as anyone with the way this has gone, If it had to happen I would have preferred it to be done in the close season (last or next)

But, I wont blame Grant for it happening and wont blame him for the results so far, this is not to say I am stating I dont think any of the blame lies with him,

It's just saying I dont know if it does.

I have read the opinions on this forum of posters who's views I value and can see where they are coming from and dont think they are over reacting, I just feel whats done is done and too much anger directed at the new man is a bit un called for.

what I think is he has been given the Job and as I have said before although he would not have been my choice for it, I will back him while he's here, that may not be for long but

3 games is too short and unfair.

anybody that takes on the Job with the way the players and fans loved Jose is in for a tougfh task, let alone with the injuries and redcards taking effect as now.

I wonder what as an opposite to this poll, he would have to do to get the fans behind him? a draw tonight imo would be a great result, follow that with 3 or 4 wins on the bounce and I would say he's doing well.

I would like to see him do it but then I wish any manager of Chelsea the best of luck.

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To answer Octville's question I think pressure will build on Grant very quickly should we lose tonight and then fail to win on Sunday. I can't imagine Roman will tolerate failing to qualify from the group stage of the Champions League when we are not in one of the tougher groups. If we do well in the Champions League though I reckon Grant will be given a bit more time in the league.

So the Champions League is probably the key to everything.

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What say you now Avram has done the job at Valencia?

He's given himself breathing space in the CL definitely because from there surely we can go on to top the group.

In the league the jury is still out, we need to put some wins away to get us up the table.

I doubt he will get the sack though unless things seriously go awry.

The CL is Roman's love at the moment so Grant is safe for now.

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What say you now Avram has done the job at Valencia?

1 swallow does not a summer make.

Stay of execution me thinks icon_wink.gif

are we back to Billie Piper again?

nice to hear you giving grant a stay of execution though Bluenut, being as yours is one of those opinions I value and being in the give the man a chance camp seemed strange to me as mostly I am nodding my head when I read your posts.

thats what forums are about though for sure.

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Thks Chippy.

The only thing with a stay of execution is there is always an execution at the end icon_wink.gif


Your not wrong mate but surely at Chelsea if your good you may get a reprieve? or maybe not

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