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Query about Sergio Aguero for La Liga watchers


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Due to time this season, for the first time in a long time, I have seen hardly any La Liga action and so was wondering if anyone could let me know how Sergio Aguero is playing for Atletico. I know he is doing well alongside Forlan in terms of goals in a partnership but other than that I don't know much.

How is he playing and in particular does he look better than last season where his form was a bit hit and miss. He certainly looks a talent and as he has already moved once in a multi million pound transfer fee he can still be classified as someone G4 'discovered'

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playing more centrally and doing better in torres' absence... supposedly- not seen atletico at all this season, spanish tv rights nonsense has made it difficult.

obviously, I discovered him, that's natural- I discovered every argentinian player to have ever done a step-over (and also mascherano).

saw him a few times in the summer in some dodgy youth tournament on eurosports- certainly worth keeping an eye on him.

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I haven't seen much of him this season but I've heard that he's been doing really well. Atleast that's what the Ath. Madrid fans are saying. icon_wink.gif

My main concern if we sign him is that he might not be strong enough. I might be wrong but I've always seen him as a kinda weak player. Speed and athleticism can only take you so far I'm afraid.

Also, every time I've seen him he has dived. I don't want him diving at Chelsea. If we are to sign him then we really need to make him stop doing that icon_sad.gif

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he was fantastic at the under 21 world cup, i think he was top scorer and player of the tournamnet. In La Liga he has scored 8 goals, tied for higehest scorer with fabiano of sevilla and Messi. 19 years old, 5ft 7in. Don't know if atletico would be willing to lose another striker, but we can always try happy0034.gif

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