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ACN - Semi finals

The Moos

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Ghana vs Cameroon

Ivory Coast vs Egypt

Two great games and two chances for us to get some of our stars back.

I'd like to see Ghana win and face Ivory Coast in the final but at the same time I'd like to get Essien, Drogba and Kalou back as soon as possible.

Ghana is playing now against Cameroon and it's 0-0 with only minutes left of the first half.

I must say that I miss Geremi. His free kicks are amazing. Almost scored an amazing free kick but it hit the crossbar (or rather where the crossbar and the post meet).

The 2nd semi final is on later tonight. Might watch that one too.

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And there's 1-0 to Cameroon. Essien heading back to London?

no chance. there's a match for the 3rd place on saturday.

I was just going to write that.

I had totaly forgotten about the match for 3rd place.

So no chance at all at getting anyone back 346.gif

Well, atleast we got Mikel back icon_rolleyes.gif

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Final result: Ghana vs Cameroon 0-1

The ref had a good first half and an awful 2nd one. Ghana was the slightly better team but couldn't score. Cameroon scored when they were outplayed.

Biggest mystery however is why on earth Bikey pushed a medic (or whatever the guy was) who was trying to help a player from the same team as Bikey. Doesn't make sense. Bikey was send off and will miss the final. Serves him right.

2nd mystery is why the ref didn't add more time. He added 4 minutes but something like 2 minutes of those went when Bikey was sent off. So why not add those to the first four minutes? Strange.

Can't they let Essien rest now so he can come home and play? Please 128.gif

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Ivory Coast have been very very poor and Egypt have been superbly organised and fully deserve this win. Ref has been terrible as well.

Can I just ask that Kolo Toure continues to defend that badly for Arsenal!

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Gutted, really wanted Drogba and Kalou to win this. Of course we'll have them back slightly earlier which is a huge bonus, but I would have been chuffed for them if they'd won.

Just hope this inspires Drogba to CL success.

PS - Kolo Toure had a shocker, lost his man for number 2, lost everything for number 3. Well done.

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