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Carjacker arrested


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Gudjohnsen and Essien both arrested for drink driving, terry for a nighclub "assualt", Jody Morris for most crimes you can think of.

glass houses and all that.

Guddy, Essien and JT all were cleared of any wrong doing I believe. Unlike Carjacker, who accepted his caution.

I can't argue Jody Morris, except to say that he is a nasty little f**ker.

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We get sh*t when our players have been arrested in the past, I think we're entitled to throw some sh*t when the scousers finally get there cummupence!!!

Just like we get non-stop sh*t in the media because some kid on some message board says he's going to kill Frisk. And yet this week Taylor has had death threats over his tackle on Eduardo, but Arsenal fans have escaped the kind of condemnation we had for that.

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Guest Brian M
You read my mind Gem.

Can we get an 'I hate Gerard Stevens' smilie please?

And while you're at it, can we have a 'Liverp**l are pants!' smilie too...pretty please... :)

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Why isn't this on the front page of every newspaper?! If it were JT, Lamps, Rooney, Barton, Smith... Oiy, it would be EVERYWHERE. Once again a Liverpool player is overlooked for bad behavoir (remember not so long ago when he attacked some fans?!) and it WINDS ME UP!!!!! Such precious media darlings. God I hate them.

Then again, maybe the press only care when dignified players get arrested?

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