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Sun links us with...Diego, Henry and others!


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Looking at the Sun online and it seems that Henry is unsettled at Barca and Chelsea could be front of the queue to get him. Also Apparently we are looking at Werder Brememn's Diego as a Lamps substitute.

I know that the papers are going into silly season, but these two could actually come to pass...possibly.

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What's wrong with Van the Man to replace Frank?

Van der Vaart has had some more injuries this season as I understand...so much so that instead of Chelsea and Man Utd, he has recently been linked with Arsenal and Newcastle!!!!

It will be the Spuds next! sadwalk.gif

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No and No for me

Diego I have seen easily marked out of games on too many occasions (although granted I have also seen him dominate matches but usually against weaker opposition).

Henry will never again be the player he was was when he was at his best at Arsenal and is very far from suited to the way we play. Buy Henry and we will need to buy 6 other players to fit around him.

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It was a great goal against Rangers and overall his performance in that second leg was very good but Rangers made it very easy for him by going into ultra defensive mode from the whistle. The Rangers midfield did not press at all and they were very fortunate to only lose 1-0 and go through on aggregate. In the first leg when Rangers did actually go with with the intention of scoring and Ferguson, Hemdani and Davis played further up the field, Diego was practically a passenger. When he did get in possession Rangers closed him down very quickly, often doubling up on him and he didn't seem capable of dealing with the pressure or creating half a yard of space to play a pass to a team mate.

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Two papers carrying this story, but the BBC has an update saying Kenyon was "amazed" to read reports liking Diego and Chelsea in the press. Wondering what that means, exactly :D

Personally, he is a bit like Deco in stature and position, but at his age and with his potential I wouldnt mind making a reasonable bid.

I feel a bit as though Werder Bremen are the Arsenal of Germany. Their system makes players look even better than they really are. Then again, Klose hasnt done so bad. And they got Pizzarro scoring....

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I can't see a plausible reason to move for Diego when we've only just signed Deco?

I also think Thierry Henry would be a tremendous signing, granted he didn't have the best of seasons at Barcelona last season but he's proven Premiership quality and would score goals for us if he stayed fit

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