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Dignity and Class Liverscum style


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George Gillett has revealed that he and his family have received death threats, including late night phone calls, and that his son has been spat at by fans of Liverscum FC. From The Times Online:

The fans don’t want him to have even one share of my stake in the club, based on what they are sending to me. As a result of that we have received many phone calls in the middle of the night threatening our lives, death threats. A number came to the office and my son, Foster, and daughter-in-law, Lauren, have received them.
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yeah but our fans do not riot among ourselves stealing each others tickets (Istanbul) or rush past security causing crushing and death (Hillsborough) or rushing opposition fans causing a wall to collapse...and death (Heysel).

Pondscum are the worst most feral 'fans' in the world.

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No it's not a media hype. The Frisk "death threat" was actually a post by a 14 year old schoolgirl. This is different.

Don't forget CFCnet either, where - no I won't mention his name in case I start the bar stewards off again - regularly received abusive and threatening phone calls from Liverscum fans, like the Gillett calls, these callers would threaten himself and his family. And yet he never once received threats from supporters of other clubs - only Liverscum.

Which just goes to show how special these lowlife scumbags really are.

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Dont forget Athens.

I wrote Istanbul, should have said Athens...sorry! actions1.gif


Wasn't it BOTH Athens AND Istanbul? I remember someone linking a thread on bin-dipping.forum.co.uk here where they were boasting about having done that in Istanbul and were going to do it again in Athens!

Or perhaps I'm old and gaga and hate the scum too much


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